Rugby World Cup Scottish fans watch out for Japan October 9th 16:09

Scotland fans, who Japan will play in the final round of the first league at the Rugby World Cup Japan, are wary that the final round will be the toughest match against Japan.

Scotland currently has 5 points, 1 win and 1 loss. Before the final game with Japan on the 13th, the first league defeat was decided at 4:15 pm on the 9th at Ecopa Stadium in Fukuroi, Shizuoka. Play against Russia.

A man who came to see this game in 3 generations with his father and son from Scotland said, “I want to make 4 or more trials and get 5 points including bonus points. I would like you to earn points here and complete the game against Japan. "

Another man from Scotland said, “Japan is a host country and a very strong team playing fast pace. The game against Japan will be quite close. But I want Scotland to win and go to the quarterfinals. Today ’s victory is an absolute requirement. ”

Russia has already lost the first league, and a man from Moscow said, “Scotland is strong, but I want you to decide at least one try. I was talking to.

In addition, a man of a Hamamatsu office employee said, "I support Russia, but I think Scotland will win. I want to see a test of power between Scotland and Japan on the waves."