JOC Taekwondo Association requests immediate maintenance of new system October 9th 23:06

With regard to the strengthening system and policies of the “All-Japan Taekwondo Association”, the JOC = Japan Olympic Committee has decided to replace the strengthening chairperson etc. as soon as possible. I asked for it.

The “All-Japan Taekwondo Association” held a board meeting on the 8th, discussed solutions to this problem, and decided to replace three players to strengthen the players, including the chairman of the strengthening committee.

In response to this, the JOC asked the association on the 9th to “set up a new strengthening system that athletes can convince as soon as possible”.

JOC established a working group last month to hear from Noboru Kanehara, chairman of the association, and Miho Takahashi, chairman of the association's athletes, etc. is.

JOC's Managing Director, Atsuko Sakurai, said, “The stance of respecting the autonomy and independence of the competition organization has not changed.” "I am giving advice from the perspective of training so that I can't say that the environment is in place for the future system to be determined."