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"I am trying to make the adaptation as quick as possible . To communicate, it makes things easier for me to have a Spanish coaching staff , but I am also going three or four days a week, two hours, to English classes . I am very well, really , both outside and on the field. The fans have even made me a song! " The song, really, is horrible , but perhaps it is simply that Arsenal fans have not had time to invent anything better. At the rhythm of La Bamba (that way), they sing something like "Dani Ceballos, Dani Ceballos, baby Estrella, eat paella, he's a fucking wizard . " That said is horrible.

However, the utrerano (23 years) knows glory because, for the moment, his goal when he decided to accept the assignment for a year to the Emery team is being fulfilled. « The Premier is much more physical , but little by little I keep up the pace. The most important thing, I've said it many times, is trust, ”he explains. And what is that goal? He says it very clearly. « For the lack of minutes I already missed a World Cup and I didn't want the same thing to happen again this year ».

Aware that Zidane did not like it and that he would not have continuity, he left. The data, for now, prove him right. Ceballos has 566 minutes played with Arsenal in the 11 games that the season has been in England (eight in the League, two in the Europa League and one in the Cup). He has started six of those 11 and the rest have played them all (the least, 18 minutes against Eintracht in the Europa League ). In Real Madrid of the 2017/2018 course, trained then, as today, by Zidane, Ceballos, at this point, he had played 103 minutes in the same 11 games (eight in the League, two in the Champions League and the European Super Cup). With Lopetegui, last year, accumulated more (485 minutes) , but not as many as now in London.


« Robert [Moreno, the coach] has made it clear, here there is no one indisputable . There is so much competition that very good players have been left out, so my goal is to work, maintain the level that I am showing right now and keep coming, ”said the first chosen by Spain to face this very long week before the games against to Norway (Saturday) and Sweden (next Tuesday) . If the selection takes the six points forward, it will be mathematically classified team for the European Championship . Even probably without adding the six too. The reality of the team shows that in the last year 48 players have passed through the calls , first from Luis Enrique and now from Moreno. The inputs and outputs are constant. Players who seem fixed today do not enter even the 23 the following month ... But Ceballos is a fixed .

It is since Luis Enrique called him in his first citation (September 2018). He did not debut in Wembley, but in Elche with Croatia (6-0) . The then coach, after the game, melted with the boy. «He is a different player, from those who no longer exist. The problems do not overcome him, his legs do not tremble and he does not lose balls. When we advance the pressure breaks lines, gives the last pass and makes a huge physical waste; he has covered Modric so well that he has got bored and has had to go to another part of the field. Luis Enrique is not reminded of similar praise for anyone else except, perhaps, Sergio Ramos .

The fact is that since then he has not missed a single call beyond the minutes he had in Madrid. He was only absent from last June, and it was because he got embedded in the U21 to finish winning the European. By the way, take note in the Federation: «It would be a dream for me to be at the Tokyo Olympics . For dates, I have time to be in the Eurocup and in the Games, and I already told the coach, Luis de la Fuente , that I would love it, ”he explains.

And the Madrid? Of course, he was questioned if he misses the Bernabéu. With the speech well learned, he did not leave the script. «I got out of Madrid this year . I know what my goal is this year, which is to play, enjoy football, and I am enjoying in Arsenal. The other two years I had not done it, ”he concludes. Given that, few more questions could be asked.

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