Rugby World Cup Japan National Team October 8:03

At the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament, the Japanese national team began full-scale practice for the final game against Scotland, and Remeki Manorava, who was selected as the best player in the previous game, "I will definitely win."

Japan, aiming to advance to the final tournament for the first time in the 3rd consecutive first league, will play against the strong Scotland in Yokohama in the final round of this month.

For this match, full-scale practice began on the 8th, and in the first 15 minutes released to the press, Wing's Remeki who was selected as the best player in the Samoa match on the 5th of this month and the first try Raffaeletimy players from the center who decided to show a light movement.

After that, in private practice, it was confirmed that the sign play used in the game against Scotland.

After the practice, Remeki said at the conference, “I am fortunate to be able to fight as a representative of Japan.

On the other hand, about the concern about the impact of the big and furious Typhoon No. 19 on the game, he said, “I don't want the game to be lost in the rain. I showed my determination.

Captain who became 31 years old

Rugby Japan national team captain, Reach Michael, celebrated his 31st birthday on the 7th and received a blessing from his teammates in a dormitory in Tokyo.

After practice on the 7th, the representative from Japan played a mini-game to increase the team's unity in a dormitory in Tokyo, and then a surprise cake was handed to Reach who celebrated his 31st birthday. Did.

After that, Reach greeted and said, “I am 31 years old. I want to do my best so that I can continue working for a long time. I will do my best to prepare for the game against Scotland” and talk about the enthusiasm for entering the final tournament. It was.

Foreign players are determined

Rugby Japanese national team players from overseas talked about their determination for the final game against Scotland in the first league.

Raphaele Timothy, who gave a first try in the third game with Samoa, where he was born, said, “It was a special game for the family. Japan gave me a lot of opportunities. I am very happy to be able to give back in Japan by wearing a Japanese jersey.

After that, I went to the same school in New Zealand where I spent high school days. About the same Japanese representative and my parents are Samoan Tui Hendrik. It was a presence that paved the way. "

In addition, Ishireri Nakajima, a prop from Tonga who played in Samoa on the way and demonstrated his power in the final scrum, said, “In the last scrum of the game, Hooker Shota Horie said,“ If you do n’t push here, it ’s meaningless. ” “I understand. I ’ll push it,” I said with a feeling, ”he said.

On top of that, he said to the game against Scotland, “Nothing changed in particular.

Also, the South African rock entrepreneur, Vinpy van der Wald, who started the game against Samoa, said, “It ’s not a revenge 4 years ago, but it ’s not a revenge 4 years ago, but anyway, I want to make a new history.” I spoke.

When asked about family support, “I thought my wife brought my daughter born in August to the game against Ireland and was a“ goddess of victory ”. If the next game against Scotland could come, I would win. I want you to bring it. "