Taekwondo Association Reinforcement Committee Chairman, etc., 3 people changed on October 8 at 22:28

Regarding the strengthening system and policies of the “All Japan Taekwondo Association”, the Board of Directors of the Association was held on the 8th due to the conflict between the association and the players, and it was decided to replace three strengthening staff such as the chairperson of the strengthening committee. . On the other hand, two people who asked for the resignation of the directors offered to resign, but Mr. Noboru Kanehara will hold back in the future.

Regarding the policy of strengthening the players of the “All Japan Taekwondo Association”, submitting a written opinion that a review from the standpoint of the players is necessary, such as requiring the players to make adjustments under their coaches before and after the tournament. doing.

On the 8th, the regular board of directors of the association was held privately in Tokyo, and discussions took place over 6 hours, far exceeding the schedule.

According to President Kanehara, who met after the Board of Directors meeting, the board was a bronze medalist for the Sydney Olympics, Yoko Okamoto, Vice-President of the Association, and a representative of the Barcelona Olympics who served as the Association's athlete chairman. However, as a result of discussions from other directors, such as "I'm irresponsible if I quit now" or "I will quit if everyone quits", I decided not to resign.

However, the two who asked for a general resignation offered to resign, saying, “If you keep this, you are not confident of continuing to be a director”. In the future, Chairman Kanehara will hold back their resignation.

On the other hand, it was decided that the three strengthening staff members, such as Chairman Takahito Koike of the Reinforcement Committee, would be replaced as “communication with the players was not good”.

The association is urgently considering a new strengthening system.

Chairman Kanehara said, “We believe that it is our duty to unite the directors and strengthening staff to give the players a great environment as soon as possible for the Tokyo Olympics.”

On this issue, the directors and players of the association gathered and exchanged opinions on the 1st of this month. However, because the association's recognition that there was no dissatisfaction with the players was shown, some players were on the way Both sides were deepened, such as leaving.