The derby in Stockholm became dramatic. Hammarby scored two quick goals in the second half, but got a player expelled and series leader Djurgården was about to level. But Hammarby won by 2–1 and entered the series top.

- It was Hammarby's lead behind the victory, as well as a little madness. Players like Nikola Djurdjic are priceless in the derby and nervous matches. He is the "pig" that Djurgården lacks, a player who is up in the face of the opponents and who gets along with the players, said Daniel Nannskog in Sportspegeln.

In a deeper analysis of why Djurgården lost, Nannskog takes up poor marking, and that players like Simon Sandberg, Hammarby's right-back, were given the opportunity to make two fine goal passes.

- Sandberg has been brilliant in Bajen this fall and will soon be ready for more information.

Malmös FF won 1–0 against IFK Gothenburg and went up the same score as Djurgården in the lead. Thus, four teams are involved in the top match, MFF, Djurgården, Hammarby and AIK. Three points differ with three rounds remaining.

- I have to stick to my tip. Malmö wins, they have a good team and are used to top contests.

- But it's a terrible drama. I can't think of anything worse than this.