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Of the pivots who have passed through Real Madrid during the long and successful stage of Pablo Laso , two above all have left us with a taste of ambiguous mouth, it could have been and was not: one was a canterano - and son of a canterano, something that in Madrid has its importance-, Willy Hernangómez , and another was a giant agile and with offensive and defensive potential, coming from a country without great basketball tradition such as Tunisia: Salah Mejri .

Neither played much at Laso's orders. Willy, frequently accused of defensive and rebounding softness, went to the NBA to win - relatively - little money and suck too much bench in several teams, and Mejri did the same, but staying in Dallas. Several years of much bench both.

Last summer he showed us the best versions of Hernangómez and Mejri that we have met in international competition. Willy has worked hard with his defense, and although he has not perfected it at all, he had his best contribution to the national team to date, and that, when he won the world title, means something. We will see how he continues his progression in the NBA and if they finally give him minutes. As for Mejri, in the modesty of Tunisia, he got tired of scoring, blocking and bouncing.

We get the news that one of them, the great Salah, returns to Madrid. For those of us who always believed in him, a joy. And a wise move for a team that had been somewhat lame, without Ayón - especially, the Ayón prior to last season - in the inside game. Tavares -Mejri, the wall ...

Laso has joined a good player, Jordan Mickey , but as much as they want to convince us, and no matter how real their skills as a capper, he is a very complete four, but against very high pivots like Tomic and Brandon Davies he has difficulties. And there comes the situation of Trey Thompkins , who is not even registered as "bad form" ... and, unlike Mejri, occupies a foreign position. Will the signings of Mickey and Mejri be the prelude to Thompkins's dismissal? A shame, no doubt, because Trey is a sensational four, but the regulations sometimes push you and condition you. What they decide may depend on a Euroleague title.

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