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Iago Aspas always comes back


Iago Aspas grabbed the shield and his teammates grabbed him, because they know that the shield is not what they look to the left of his chest, but Aspas himself. It's shield, it's cor

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Iago Aspas grabbed the shield and his teammates grabbed him, because they know that the shield is not what they look to the left of his chest, but Aspas himself. It's shield, it's heart, it would be the president if he wanted to. Moaña's genius is everything in this Celta , a club that breathes through its pores. He had not scored this season yet and that had made the Vigués set upset, with his coach already in question, with fog already covering the illusion generated during the summer with the 'return operation'. But Aspas always comes back and this time he did it to give his Celta three points against an Athletic that adds his second consecutive defeat and loses the good wave he climbed at the beginning of the season. [1-0: Narration and statistics]

He had to wait for Celta 74 minutes to tear down the defensive wall of an Athletic as conservative as always away from home. The butrón arrived in a corner and with the VAR as an essential tool. The line judge observed Aspas offside when Mina combed the ball towards him, but from Las Rozas they corrected the referee and warned him that Williams had been parked in the area, with first-final entry to observe the goal he condemned to his team, after more than an hour with hardly any mistakes. But he committed one and proved fatal.

Until then, the match had been matched and pestile. Perhaps Gaizka Garitano's greatest achievement since coming to the Athletic bench was to make his team aware of his weaknesses and assume them naturally for his own benefit. This Athletic, you know, is not exactly a paragon of technical virtues, so it was not smart to raise a meeting in which having the ball was the priority. The bet on Vesga and De Marcos ahead of Unai López and Ibai made it clear. Bilbao's plan was to frustrate Celta, hesitant at this start of the championship and full of soccer players whose individual quality does not benefit the collective.

During the first half he achieved that goal, since the Vigo team was unable to transform their domain of the ball at times, with Rafinha and Aspas quite misplaced and Denis barely appearing dropper, with the only occasion of real danger before the break. It happened in the 44th minute, when Santi Mina received in the area a pass from the former Barça who could not give the correct address. The Celtic did not reach Simón's area, partly because of his own disability, partly because Athletic stopped him effectively, pulling fouls (10 he did before the break, with two yellow ones) when necessary.

Less even the whole of Garitano approached the Galician goal, but he was not worried in the least. The home manual of this equipment remains intact and is based on the principles of strength, resistance and wear. If he added efficiency to the stopped ball, everything would be shot, but this Athletic has not scored a corner goal for more than a year. A problem that requires an urgent correction to take advantage of moments like those of the beginning of the second half in which he added several plays of danger to a standing ball that put the fear in the body in Celta. A fear, written remains, quite unjustified ..

The match continued to be bland, of those with a 0-0 appearance, until Aspas scored the goal that would eventually give Celta the victory. The goal sank Athletic, which took almost ten minutes (15 left) to get up from the blow. Garitano introduced Larrazabal and Aduriz to find a desperate goal, but failed to put together a single attack that would bring him closer to the draw.

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