Gymnastics World Championship To recruit Sho Tanigawa and Tsubaki for men's personal synthesis October 6 22:29

Regarding the gymnastics world championship held in Germany, and men's personal synthesis, Japan will be appointed two consecutive championships, Sho Tanigawa and Kazuma Tsuji.

On the 7th in the World Gymnastics Championship, Japanese boys will face the group, individual synthesis, and qualifying for each event on the 7th.

According to the reporter's interview with the boy, Mizutoshi Mizutori revealed that the two qualifiers, Sho Tanikawa and Aoi, were appointed as individual players in the qualifying, and decided to participate in all six events in the qualifying.

In Japan, Kohei Uchimura has won the championship six times until the 2015 tournament in the World Championship, but he won the medal for the first time in 23 years except for the tournament where he didn't send a player last year. First of all, it will be noticed whether you can get a medal in this tournament.

In addition, Director Mizutori revealed that one of the representative members, Kan Tanigawa, was aiming for the left ankle in the local practice, and in the qualifying, "Yuka" and "Jakima", who are good at landing, etc. The idea of ​​entering the third kind was not shown.

In addition, the 18-year-old Daiki Hashimoto, who was a representative of high school students, reported that he participated in the 4th kind of participation such as “Jumping Horse” and “Steel Bar”.

Mizutori said, “I want to make it a tournament that will lead to next year's Tokyo Olympics. I think that the level of skill is comparable to that of China and Russia, which are the strongest players, and our primary goal is to achieve the perfection that we have improved. As a result, we should aim to win. "