“Uchimura Absence” Gymnastics World Championship Can you find the light with the young? Oct. 7 6:27

In the gymnastics world championship held in Germany, the male representative will appear in the qualifying on the 7th. Last year's tournament ended with a bronze medal in the group, and even in the absence of Kohei Uchimura, next year's Tokyo Olympics with the active participation of young athletes with beautiful gymnastics, such as 20-year-old Sho Tanigawa It will be noticed whether you can find bright light toward the.

The world championship is a tournament that can be said to be a prelude to the Tokyo Olympics, and Japan aims to win the first gold medal in a men's group.

In Japan, last year's tournament ended with bronze medals after China and Russia, and in addition, members of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic group gold medals such as Uchimura and Kenzo Shirai were absent due to injury.

In a difficult situation, Japan will be fighting around 20 years old, Tanigawa Sho, who is the second consecutive champion of the All Japan Championship.

Tanigawa has beautiful gymnastics, and for this tournament, he has been actively working on raising the level of skill difficulty, such as incorporating the “Cassina” G difficulty with a “bar”.

In addition, 18-year-old Daiki Hashimoto, who has decided to become the world championship representative of the second high school student in history, is also characterized by the beauty of the technique. I did it.

“I think the skill level is comparable to that of China and Russia,” said the boy ’s director Mizutori Susumu. The best goal is to achieve the level of perfection that we have improved. "

Japan is worried that Tanikawa Ko, who was in the third appearance just before the tournament, injured his left ankle, but with the participation of representatives mainly from young athletes who have beautiful gymnastics, the next Olympics will be held in Tokyo. It will be noticed if you can find a bright light.