World gymnastics championship J-level big skill over US I difficulty October 6th 7:54

In the gymnastics world championship held in Germany, women's qualifying was held on the 5th, and American Simone Biles, who won four gold medals at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, has a J difficulty level higher than the most difficult I difficulty so far The technique was performed with the performance of “Yuka”.

At the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, 22-year-old Biles has won four gold medals, including women's groups and personal summaries, and has won 14 gold medals at the World Championships by last year.

Fig = International Gymnastics Federation announced that it was decided on the J difficulty level, "Bring back 2 times overturn 3 times twist", which will be challenged by "Yuka" by the players, before the World Championship. At the beginning of the performance of “Yuka” in the women ’s qualifying held in, this great technique was shown for the first time at an international competition.

The difficulty level of gymnastics skills has so far been the highest for both men and women, and if the skills of the players are recognized, it will be named “Biles 2” by FIG.

With the Yuka, the top scorer was 14.833, the top scorer, and the total for the fourth category was 59.432, making it the top spot in the individual overall, with a difference of more than 2 points.

“I think I was able to do it today because my goal was to perform well and give results,” said Mr. Bailes.