Notification of Profession University students are Meiji University, 107, Morishita et al. October 3, 19:33

Before the draft meeting of professional baseball held on the 17th of this month, submission of “Professional Proposal Notification” is closed on the 3rd, and 107 university students such as Meiji University's Masahito Morishita pitcher, who is rated as university number 1, submitted Did.

The submission of the “Professional Desire”, which is mandatory for high school students and college students who wish to become professionals, has been closed on the 3rd. According to the All Japan University Baseball Federation, 107 university students, three less than last year, submitted.

Of these, pitcher Morishita of Meiji University threw well over 150 kilometers of straight and a variety of changing balls, and in the spring of Tokyo 6 University League match, won the most 4 wins, and 38 teams in the All Japan University Baseball Championship It led to the first victory in years.

In addition to this, he has abundant experience on the big stage such as being selected as the Japan National Team for the third consecutive year, and is highly regarded by professional baseball scouts as “university number 1 ready-to-play pitcher”, and multiple teams are ranked first. As listed.

In addition, Takashi Unno from Tokai University, who has a lot of attention in catchers and has a reputation for defense, and Toya Miyako Sato from Toyo University, who has a strong hit, are also top candidates.

A professional baseball draft meeting will be held in Tokyo on the 17th of this month.