The young German PSG defender visited children in a reception center in Ivry-sur-Seine. Europe 1 has followed this moment of exchanges inevitably particular, for the children as for the player.


"When I went out, there was a huge welcome, with lots of hugs, big smiles, very excited kids." Thilo Kherer was logically welcomed as a star this Thursday in the reception center for migrants of Ivry-sur-Seine. The structure, specialized in welcoming and accompanying families with children, was in turmoil with the visit of the German defender PSG.

"Today is a special day for them because they have the chance to play football with Thilo Kehrer," said Sabrina Delannoy, Deputy Director of the PSG Foundation. "I think that these operations are useful to both parties.Children, it gives them a breath of fresh air in their daily life not always obvious.And the player, it also allows him to relativize.When one is football player, sportsman high level, we are always in his bubble, we are always in contact with the same people, so it is important also to keep a balance, to be able to project and come participate in operations like this, "says the young woman.

"It also shows that there is a welcoming France"

The Ivry center has its own school with four classes, which have welcomed more than 1,000 children. On average, children and their families stay in the center for eight weeks. "These children have a very, very difficult life, which is a mark of respect", says Bruno Morel, Managing Director of Emmaus Solidarity. "It also shows that there is a welcoming France, that there are people who pay attention to them.And it also teaches them values, through sport, all that it represents in terms of solidarity, exchange ".

When leaving the reception center, Thilo Kehrer takes stock. "Of course it speaks to me, it touches me, that's why I'm very happy and I'm happy to be in a position to help," said the footballer. As for the succession, has he found in Ivry-sur-Seine? "I've seen footballers a lot," he says with a smile.