All Japan Taekwondo Association President “Insufficient Communication with Players” October 2, 0:14

Mr. Noboru Kanehara, Chairman Noboru Kanehara, has submitted an opinion to Taekwondo headquarters “All Japan Taekwondo Association” to be reviewed at the Tokyo Olympics, asking for a review of the reinforcement policy. Regarding the response, he said, “There was a lack of communication with the players.

In June, the Japanese National Candidate Athlete submitted a written opinion on the strengthening plan created by the All-Japan Taekwondo Association in June, saying that a review from the player's standpoint is necessary.

On the 1st, about 30 people including Mr. Kanehara, directors, and players gathered in Tokyo to discuss these issues, a secret meeting was held, and Mr. Kanehara invited a conflict of opinions at the beginning. , “It was such a result and our interest was weak. I want to apologize.”

However, according to the attendees, the meeting showed that the players were not dissatisfied with the opinion of the player who submitted the opinion, so some players left and the gap between them was not filled. did.

After the meeting, Chairman Kanbara said, “There was a lack of communication with the players, and the relationship of trust between the players and the strengthening side was lost. I was talking.

The association will consider the requests and opinions of the players that have been issued so far at the board meeting on the 8th of this month.

On the other hand, Miho Takahashi of the association revealed that the association's compliance committee would investigate in response to reports of some weekly magazines reporting to Kanehara's connection with anti-social forces.

Chairman Kanehara denied the relationship with anti-social forces at the conference on the 1st.

Surveyed by an international competition group

At the meeting with the athletes on the 1st, it was revealed that the association was being surveyed by the international sports organization “World Taekwondo” with its headquarters in Korea.

According to officials, World Taekwondo asked the association's strengthening policy for detailed surveys and answers on whether players and leaders were confused and that many players did not participate in the training camp last month. It has been

The association gathered the answers to these surveys with Chairman Noboru Kanehara and submitted it on the 29th of last month.

According to the officials, in the documents submitted by the association, there was no complaint from the players about the responses to the written opinion, and many players did not participate in the training camp last month. Above, it explains that most of the reasons were due to school or work.

Mr. Kanehara said, “It is very disappointing that the investigation came from an international competition organization.

Regarding the contents of the association's answers, some players have said that it is different from the facts.

Vice Chairman Okamoto “Someone has to take responsibility”

Yoko Okamoto, Vice-President of the All-Japan Taekwondo Association, responded to the interview after the meeting and said that the distrust of the athlete side increased due to responses to international competition organizations, etc. `` I can leave it to this organization “I felt embarrassed, the embarrassed attitude of the association, and somebody has to take responsibility. I think the dissolution of the board is one of the means,” he said. .

Ebata “Most of the answer is a lie”

On the other hand, the Japanese representative candidate Hidenori Ebata, who participated in the meeting, responded to the reporter's interview after leaving the middle of the meeting. I talked about it, but I thought it would be helpful to listen to it without any trust. "

At the meeting, there was an explanation about the contents of the response submitted by the association to "World Taekwondo", so Ebata said, "I was surprised when I read the response. I wanted to deepen communication with the other side and build a relationship of trust, but I feel honest that the association hasn't really changed. "