After a year of waiting, Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin finally officially returned to Russian football. However, so far (according to the rules of the RFU) only as spectators and fans.

So, the Zenit forward visited his team's away game with Lokomotiv. The attacker tried to go unnoticed, but did not refuse a photo to those who still managed to find him in the crowd. Kokorin did not make contact with journalists, but he warmly greeted Moscow sports reporters who covered the sensational lawsuit and regularly met in the Presnensky court hall not only with each other, but also with the players.

- Sasha, do you remember us?
- Sure

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From the presence of Pavel Mamaev at the match “Rostov” - “Dynamo”, the Don club made a real show. Initially, the midfielder flashed in the news feeds marked "special guest", but by the end of the match was officially presented as a rookie team. Rostov signed a contract with Mamaev according to the 2 + 1 scheme. The former midfielder of the Russian national team will play in the team of Valery Karpin at number 10 and will be able to hold his first match for the Donetsk team after the winter break.

As for the employment of both football players released according to the results of the round, the ex-striker of Zenit and the Russian national team Andrei Arshavin jokingly joked.

“I am glad for both Sasha and Pasha that they both found a job. Interesting observation. Usually, after leaving prison, people try to find a place for a long time. And here is the turn for Kokorin, and for Mamaev. This indicates the level of other Russian players. These guys ate cookies and doshiraki for a year and there’s a line for them, ”Arshavin said on Match TV.

Pavel Mamaev is back in the game 🔥🔥🔥

Rostov has signed a contract with a 31-year-old midfielder. The contract is designed for two years with the possibility of extension for another season. In our club, Pavel will perform under the 10th number.

Pavel Mamaev - player of FC Rostov

- Football Club Rostov (@rostovfc) September 28, 2019


The main speaker of the 11th round of the RPL was the forward of Lokomotiv Fedor Smolov. During the break of the match with Zenit, the attacker issued an angry tirade, hinting that the RPL instruments were “sharpened” under the current champions of the country.

“I wish the goal was counted against Zenit! You can already play the second place, give them the first. The calendar is built for them, we play at 11 in the morning, then at 10 in the evening. The game cannot be postponed for a day, ”Smolov said live. Zenit midfielder Oleg Shatov also fell under the hot hand of the striker. At the time of the interview, he passed by the television brigade, joked at Smolov, and then was poisoned by the red-green strikers “to play futsal”.

Fedya Smolov annealed after the match with #LokomotivZenit 🔥

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After the meeting and the victory of Lokomotiv, Smolov apologized for his fervent speech.

“These were emotions. Oleg and I are comrades, I did not want to offend him. There was no purpose to offend someone. Neither him, nor Zenith, admitted the red-green striker.

Smolov did not take his words about Zenit back, but apologized to Semak. hidden details of the match where the fire was at 17:10 on @MatchTV!)

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However, despite remorse, Smolov’s words touched fans of the country's champions. Among them was the Olympic champion in figure skating Maxim Trankov. He reminded the striker about a miss in the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup and doubted his playing ability.

“Smolov spoke ... Praise to Croatia. GQ "Athlete of the Century" will be awarded? Mediocrity is mediocrity, ”wrote Trankov on his Twitter.

Later, this remark of the Olympic champion was removed from the network, and the skater explained this by erroneous actions with his account and referred to emotions.

“In short. I wanted to delete a comment written by one individual, but since I read more than I write, the branch was deleted. Everything that my live reaction wrote. I do not refuse. But to all the nasty things that write to me, I ask you to go to Wikipedia at least, ”he explained.

In short. I wanted to delete a comment written by one individual, but since I read more than I write, the branch was deleted. Everything that my live reaction wrote. I do not refuse. But to all the nasty things that write to me, I ask you to at least go to the Wiki, otherwise write garbage, it's even funny.

- Maxim Tran'kov (@xam_trankov) September 28, 2019

Birthday boy

The Russian segment of Instagram has replenished with another representative of the domestic coaching workshop. Leonid Slutsky, Valery Karpin, and Yuri Semin, actively leading their accounts, were joined by the mentor of Tambov Alexander Grigoryan.

During the match with Wings, the specialist celebrated his 53rd birthday. The page on Instagram became a symbolic gift for him - it was brought to the trainer and after the match the commentators of the Match Premier channel Mikhail Melamed and Roman Naguchev solemnly “handed” it. In addition, as part of the solemn event, the coach was presented with a chocolate bar. Grigoryan himself reacted to the gift with his inherent irony.

“Instead of chocolate, we needed Armenian cognac, and instead of Instagram, we added a hundred grams to Garik,” the coach said after the game.

Grigoryan had a birthday. He was dissatisfied with gifts 😂🤞

- Mikhail Borzykin (@M_Borzykin) September 28, 2019

So far, there is only one photo on the specialist’s page with the caption “You must live and play vandeulno” and about 500 subscribers. In the comments, users mainly congratulate Grigoryan on his birthday and express the hope that he will regularly update his blog.

the guest

The main intrigue of the last football week was the visit of the former Milan coach Gennaro Gattuso to Moscow. The unidentified purpose of the arrival of the eminent Italian has generated a lot of rumors, many of which concerned the future employment of the 2006 world champion.

The degree of emotion was warmed up by the famous football agent Marco Trabukki, who posted a joint photo on Twitter and wrote "I hope you stay here for a while."

After such an intrigue, the fans began to discuss which of the capital's clubs Gattuso would head: Dynamo or Spartak.

# Krasnodar Arsenal Yesterday - in Moscow, today - in Krasnodar. Gennaro Gattuso watches Russian football

- SE Soccer (@se_football) September 29, 2019

Later, the Italian himself, who visited the Lokomotiv - Zenit match, denied this information, while hinting that, in principle, he did not mind trying his hand in the coaching career in Russia.

“This is all not true. I came to watch football. Football is not only in Italy, but also in other countries. Can I ever lead the Russian team? It would be incorrect to talk about similar with existing coaches. But never say never, Gattuso said on the Match Premier television channel.

Later, the Italian was spotted in Krasnodar at a match between southerners and Arsenal, after which he even visited the Krasnodar locker room and took pictures with Magomed-Shapi Suleymanov.


The match of the 11th round of the RPL was one of the most memorable days in the football life of 78-year-old Spartak fan Valentin Leonov.

About the old man’s long-standing devotion to the club it became known during the spring match between Orenburg and Spartak, when he appeared on the podium with a home-made poster Spartak, I have loved you since 1959. ”

The Leonov camera that fell into the lens became a real star, and the Orenburg leadership decided to take a fan to a match with his favorite team.

Spartak fan from Orenburg

- Alexander Rogulev (@a_rogulev) September 29, 2019

Despite the 60-year experience of supporting the red and white, the meeting of the 11th round was the second match that a resident of the village of Kardailovo in the Orenburg Region looked at the stadium.

For the guest of honor, Spartak organized a whole program that culminated in a symbolic blow before the final whistle. However, the events that took place on the field, greatly upset the man.

“I won’t go to Spartak matches anymore. When I watch a game from the stands, the guys constantly lose. But I want to say to the young people: be sick and believe in your team no matter what. Bring this love through your whole life, ”said RT Leonov.

As for the new generation of active fans of red and white, even before the official announcement of the dismissal of Oleg Kononov, they got the opportunity to express their complaints to the players.

After a short dialogue near the edge, George Dzhikia, Ayaz Guliyev and Reziuan Mirzov came close to the podium.

# Spartak Orenburg 🔥 Fan vs Guliyev

- SE Spartak (@spartak_se) September 29, 2019

After listening to complaints about the quality of the game, the captain of Spartak said something in an ear to one of the leading stands of B, after which he admitted that the fans have every right to be dissatisfied with what is happening in the club.


The dismissal of Oleg Kononov was the main event of the tour. The sharp personnel changes in one of the most popular clubs in the country did not leave indifferent fans of other teams. As for the fans of Spartak, the majority of them gladly accepted the resignation.

Former red-white players were no exception. Maxim Kalinichenko, commentator of Match TV, Dmitry Shnyakin, spoke about one funny episode with the participation of ex-midfielder of Muscovites.

Ingenious scene!
Orenburg coach Fedotov comes to us at 8-16. Max @ kalynych25 gets up, shakes his hand, and with a breath of relief he coins one word:


PS. At 20:55 aired on @matchpremier with Kalinichenko, Fedotov, Shirokov 🔥 # cut / QGVMZzYL5h

- Dmitry Shnyakin (@shhhnyak) September 29, 2019

“A brilliant scene! Orenburg coach Fedotov comes to our [room] 8-16. Max Kalinichenko gets up, shakes his hand, and with a breath of relief coins one word: “Thank you!” The curtain, ”the journalist wrote on Twitter.