Al-Nasr and former national team player Khaled Ismail confirmed that he agrees with Al-Nasr's decision to release Brazilian coach Caillou at this early part of the season, pointing out that the coach is fit to train the Sunni stages and not lead the first team, but the positive results of the team with him in Last season it was the company that forced the ball to renew his contract for fear of pressure from the media and the public.

Al-Nasr announced the dismissal of Brazilian coach Caillou from his position after only two games from the start of the Arabian Gulf League, during which the team got one point. .

Khalid Ismail, told Emirates Today: «I see that the first steps to reform the team is the liquidation of souls within the team and management, and there are no internal differences, because it certainly affects the team and the club in general, which is what the club has been suffering for some time, and differences may not They appear, and they must be in the public interest of the club. ”

He added: "The timing of the dismissal of the Brazilian coach is good, as the coach is not fit to lead the team and does not meet the ambition of Al-Nasr in the competition, but he was hired as a result of his success last season in leading the team for positive results, but now the time is available for reform because the team is not far away "In the tournament, so the new coach will work with time, but at the same time he will not be responsible for the preparation period or the foreign players, who I think are not making the difference with the team."

He continued: «60% of the strength of any team wishing to compete for the title of the league are foreign players, and this is what happened with Sharjah last season and the accuracy in the selection of special players, while the players of foreign victory does not make the difference I do not know who is responsible for their selection, whether a technical committee or coach The team, the choice must be good, especially since the technical and material support and the capabilities available to the club ».

Regarding the ability of Al Nasr to compete for the title with these players, said Khalid Ismail: «Despite the modest level of foreign victory, but football does not rely on names only, there is conciliation and the results of other teams that may help you, the league needs a long breath and special players».

"The problems and discussions that occur within the team and the management significantly affect the damage to the team in his career in the competition, and whoever comes to lead the team will not compete because of these factors that must be resolved at the beginning."

Reactions continued following the sacking of Al-Nasr coach, Brazilian Caio, after only two games of the Arabian Gulf Championship. Al-Nasr fans were confused and appeared on social networking sites, where they stressed that what happened to Al-Nasr is a repeat and occurs every year, wondering when the club will stabilize and compete for the league title.

Backstage sacking Caillou

■ The club's board renewed his contract with coach Caillou, following his success last season, but this was not fully convinced by the coach, being a stage coach, and this renewal came as a result of public pressure following the success of the coach in the previous period, where the board preferred to continue with a guaranteed coach , Instead of replacing him with a great coach and not succeeding with the team, which could cause a new crisis with the public.

■ Brazilian coach Caillou recruited 30 players during the preparation period at the camp, which lasted for nearly a month, during which the dean played only four games, which means that the players did not get the full dose of friendly matches. The camp.