Giant Shun Yamaguchi pitcher 3 pitchers on September 30 at 23:45

The regular season of professional baseball and the SE League ended on the 30th, and the pitcher Shun Yamaguchi won three titles: the most wins, the highest win rate, and the most strikeouts.

The pitcher department.

Giant pitcher Yamaguchi lost 15 strikes and 4 losses, winning percentage 70: 9: 9, 188 strikeouts, winning his first title in the professional 14th year, winning the highest win rate, winning the most strikeouts Shined in three titles.

The best defense rate is the first title by pitcher Yuno Ohno, with a defense rate of 2.58.

The most frequent save was DeNA's 5th year, which gave 30 saves, and pitcher Yasuaki Yamazaki won the second time for the second consecutive year.

The best relay was the first time in the second year in Japan, when pitcher Rodriguez raised 44 hold points.

The striking department.

Hiroshima's Seiya Suzuki won the highest hit rate with the top batter who won the first title with a batting average of 30: 3: 5 and an output rate of 40: 5: 3.

DeNA's second-year Soto player marked 43 home runs and 108 RBIs, and the home run king won for the first time for the second consecutive year.

The most hits were 174 Yohei Oshima from China.

The robbery king was won by Hanshin rookie Kojimoto Kojimoto who decided 36 steals.