Former Yokozuna Rare villages have a haircut expression "I want to live long and raise the next wrestler" September 29, 19:52

A sumo wrestler was promoted to Yokozuna for the first time in 19 years as a sumo wrestler from Japan, and a haircut ceremony was held for the former Yokozuna Rikisei no Sato and Arakawa parents who retired in January. .

Former Yokozuna Rare Village's Araki master took the first soil in the spring of 2002, and won the first victory of the long-cherished desire in the first place with four powerful sumo that made use of the blessed physique, as a Japanese wrestler Yokozuna was promoted for the first time in 19 years.

The dramatic reversal victory of Ototoshi spring place as the new Yokozuna was strongly remembered by fans, but it was impossible to take the original sumo because of the injury of the left chest etc. that was owed at this place At the first place, I finished my active life for about 17 years.

The hair-cutting ceremony was held at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo.

After that, about 300 people, including his father Sadahiko Sugawara, former Yokozuna Himafuji, who had shaved off the earth, and Hakuho Yokozuna, put scissors on Daiichi.

Lastly, when Master Takonoura cut off the big lobster, the crowded Kokugikan was wrapped in great applause and cheers, and it seemed that rare villages could not hold their tears.

A rare village that finished the haircut ceremony said, “I feel lonely when I think that cheer is the last, but it has been supported by that cheer. I graduate from today's wrestler and think that it is a new first step.” It was.

For the future, “Long live and nurture the next wrestler. I think it ’s your job to teach Yokozuna ’s spiritual power and experience. Do n’t run away, work hard, keep going.” When I was in a pinch, I went to various places. I would like to keep the teachings down. "

“Support even by parents” “Enchanted by a desperate appearance” 10,000 people are envious

Tokyo, where the hair-cutting ceremony was held, Rokugoku Kokugikan attracted about 10,000 fans, and heard a voice envied the retirement of a rare village of former Yokozuna.

A woman in her 60s who came from Nagano Prefecture said, “It was the best Yokozuna that I had been waiting for. I was able to do my best because there were so many villages. I was talking.

A woman in her 40s in Nagano Prefecture said, “I have been fascinated by the hard work and hard work. I want to thank you for what I have done so far, and in the future I would like you to develop good wrestlers as parents.”

A woman who was a classmate at a junior high school in Ibaraki Prefecture with a rare village said, “I remember that Mr. Sakakibara was tall and his shoes jumped out of the shoebox. I feel sad, but I want to say good work I am a cheerful person, but since I came silently as a wrestler, I would like you to talk more brightly when you become a parent. "

Former Yokozuna Nima Fuji “Return to Tsuchigo”

Former Yokozuna Fujima, who put scissors in the haircut ceremony, “I've been doing my best as a rival on the same ring since I was a teenager. I want to cultivate firmly as a parent and give back to the ringers. "