Social media pundits reacted to the remarkable brilliance of Algerian star Riad Mehrez by scoring a goal and contributing to two goals with Manchester City's 3-1 victory over Everton in the English Premier League on Saturday.

Mehrez scored the second goal of the City from a direct free kick in the same way as he scored the historic goal scored for the Greens against Nigeria in a fatal time in the semi-finals of African Nations, which won the title of Algeria after 29 years.

Riyad Mehrez: "I think we deserved to win and we had to kill Al-Laka.

- #English League (@Silvr_EPL) September 28, 2019

Riad Mehrez: "I wanted to put it in the opposite side of the goalkeeper, I looked there and knew it would be a large area. I am happy to score and happy and happy to win as well and this is what matters."

- Insider City (@InsiderCity_Ar) September 28, 2019

Mehrez's fans installed the voice of Algerian commentator Hafid Draghi on his goal in Nigeria on Saturday's goal against Everton, and his famous phrase "landed in the Joule Riad."

Enjoy watching the goal of Riad Mehrez in the manner of "land in the Joule Riad" 😍

- Amr (@ Amr21DS) September 28, 2019

Describing some of Mehrez's fans as "the pride of the Arabs," a title best known for the Egyptian star and Liverpool's top scorer and the English Premier League's Mohamed Salah, caused a conflict between the two teams on the eligibility of the two Arab stars title.

The two teams have made many comparisons between Mehrez, who has started to shine again in recent weeks, and Salah, who is away from the high level in some games.

Riyad Mahrez vs Everton Part I @ DZfoot @DZfoot_EN @ DZFootball213 @FoudeFootball @LGDFennec @ You2sss @DEBBA_DJI @ adlanedz18k @RiadDzzz @ RiadhThe9 @ PEAKYBLINDERS6 @AliMincees_ byellAtMaDMDque

- 3M ZONE (@ ZCOMPS2) September 28, 2019

Mehrez won the Premier League Player of the Year when he led Leicester City to the 2015-2016 season, the title Salah won in his first season at Liverpool 2017-2018, and won the tournament's top scorer in the last two seasons.

Salah is always a fixed number, which is similar to and followed by him, so if we see a creative player is likened to the King of Egypt
The number one is a measure of stardom and creativity

To illustrate this match has not been played by the team Mehrez since its founding (125 years)

- Gerardista (@ Q88_SaA) September 28, 2019

Da difference between Mehrez and Salah Salah player has a value held by the player and two and three
Mehrez player is good but not Salah
Salah is enough only that he is a local player rising from the Egyptian league
Riad Mehrez has a good climate to play in Europe, when he was raised in France in the end
Salah seasons two consecutive top 10 players

- Mohamed Emam (@ mohamedemam2610) September 28, 2019

Of course I did not speak about the nations of Africa, but I mean, as the start of the season Riad Mehrez first Shi essentially superior to Salah with crucial assists and man of the game, but the goals of Salah is superior, but the performance of Riad Ashovah is the one who worked

- Ammar (@ iAmmarU9) September 28, 2019

Salah shimmers: Specific answer biography of Mehrez but Mehrez if shimmering: Everyone criticizes in Salah. Here shows the value of Mohammed Salah.

- Abo Fares (@ AboFare28286024) September 28, 2019

Earth is your land and time, your time, the pride of the Arabs, God bless you, my world. #Mhrez_far_alarab

- Amr Khalid💸 (@AmrKhalidx) September 28, 2019

You are neither an Egyptian nor an Algerian.

- Brk_selma (@selma_bark) September 28, 2019

From my point of view, this is the best match I have seen with Mehrez with #City. #Manchester City

- ohamMohamed Samir🥇41🦅 (@ 012869945mmmmm1) September 28, 2019