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Lokomotiv vs Dziuba, support from Galitsky and Dynamo as a wounded beast: experts on matches of the 11th round of the RPL


Lokomotiv will succeed in the central match of the 11th round of the RPL against Zenit only if it can neutralize the forward of the guests Artyom Dziuba. This opinion was expressed in an interview with RT by the former railroad defender Dmitry Sennikov. In turn, the ex-mentor of Krasnodar Sergey Tashuev expressed confidence that the leadership of the team will continue cooperation with the current coaching staff. And Rostov manager-breeder Igor Gamula called on the team to carefully conduct the match against Dynamo and not flirt in the attack.

“By blocking Dziuba, there is a chance to turn off the entire Zenith attack from the game

Former Lokomotiv defender Dmitry Sennikov in an interview with RT made a forecast regarding the outcome of the main match of the 11th round of the RPL. In addition, the expert expressed his opinion on what adjustments should be made to the game by the head coach of the railwaymen Yuri Semin to defeat Zenit, and complimented Artyom Dziube.

- Both teams were preparing for the game amid increased attention from journalists. So, on the eve of the match, it became known that with a high degree of probability Lokomotiv will play Alexei Miranchuk, who recovered from the injury. We are sure that this is really important, because the team of Semin even after the loss of the midfielder looked very militant.

- The fact is that Yuri Pavlovich managed to redraw the scheme after the loss of Lesha. Grzegorz Krychowiak and Dmitry Barinov took over its functions, while Murilo shifted a little to the support zone. Yes, they did well, but the return of Miranchuk is a plus for Loko. This will add creativity. Another thing is how ready he is for the high pace that Zenit preaches. I bow to the fact that Alex will come out only for a replacement.

- Miranchuk's attention was drawn to the topic, including the former president of railway workers Ilya Gerkus. The functionary admitted that the transfer of Alexei to Zenit is still possible and is being discussed between the clubs. Explain why the player himself needs this?

- The football age is short. If the “Zenith” is really ready to invest in Miranchuk, then this is probably the point. Yes, in Lokomotiv both brothers are developing. In this situation, perhaps the best option for them would be to stay in place and try to break through to Europe, but Peter is, whatever one may say, an increase in status and salary.

- Now let's talk not about composition, but about tactics. Is it worth it for Lokomotiv to bet on a counterattack in a match with the current champion.

- Yes, there is logic in this, and I'm sure Semin, preparing for the match, noticed many nuances in the opponent’s game. For example, “Ufa” achieved victory precisely due to the fact that it competently defended itself. “Zenith” is really a bit imposing in a positional attack, while it acts lightning fast in the game during the selection. The main task is to restrain Juba by all means. He is too good in recent matches, all the sharpness of blue-white-blue comes from Artyom. He is the link. He should not be allowed to take the ball, since Dziuba is too good at playing out. If it is neutralized, there will be chances to turn off the entire Zenit attack line from the game.

- Zenit, like Lokomotiv, could not do without injuries in anticipation of the full-time match. It is about Serdar Azmun. Should Sergei Semak risk the health of the striker?

- In this meeting, the stakes are high, and Zenith needs Serdar. He is fast, cool acts on standards and with shooting. Well, about their interaction with Dziuba, you can already write a separate book, which costs a great goal in Lyon. “Lokomotiv” is still not “Rubin”, they will not tolerate such failures in the defense, so without Azmun it will not be so easy to score a lot.

- Most recently, Zenit made two misfires in a row in the championship, but then returned to first place again. Did the team successfully overcome the local crisis?

- Even big clubs get into crisis situations. It is necessary to pay attention not to the fact that the team hit the peak, but to how it gets out of it. Petersburgers did it very worthily. I do not see any serious recessions and problems. Zenit is one of the main contenders for the championship, but Lokomotiv is also fighting for the title, so the upcoming game, as they say in football, will be for six points.

"Rostov flirts with the attack"

In turn, one of the main discoveries of the first third of the season, “Rostov” has to accept the metropolitan Dynamo, which is experiencing serious difficulties. Igor Gamula, manager, breeder and ex-mentor of Rostov, in a conversation with RT predicted difficulties for the Rostov team in this match and talked about the existing problems in the game of the team of Valery Karpin.

- Doesn’t it seem to you that in the light of the recent events that have happened with Dynamo, the blue-white trip to Rostov is formal in nature, and the Khokhlov team simply has no chance at all?

“Dynamo is now like a wounded beast, and, as you know, it is doubly dangerous. Yes, the blue and white are at the stage of breaking and even in Vladivostok could not prove themselves (they lost to Luch in the 1/16 final of the Cup of Russia. - RT ). The factor of a long flight also speaks against Muscovites, they will arrive to the Don very tired. But I still believe that Dynamo can still break through. It’s not that I’m an avid optimist, just the composition of Muscovites on paper is very good and sooner or later should start proving this in practice.

- Can you explain why the Dynamo leadership chose the tactics of waiting and left Khokhlov to work until the winter break?

- None of us can explain the logic of this decision until we find ourselves inside the club. For example, I read that some players of the team reacted negatively to the possible departure of Khokhlov. So some kind of credit of trust still remains.

- What can be motivated by the players of the team who are aware of the imminent change of coach? Despite the fact that their own fans express claims to them right during the matches.

- There are so many new players in Dynamo that their first priority is to understand what is happening in our championship. Therefore, half of the team is motivated by personal ambitions - to strengthen their position in the club and begin to show their best qualities.

- But “Rostov” was also defeated in the last round, and lost to the outsider “Tambov”.

- They themselves are entirely to blame, the only thing that can reassure a little is the victory in the Cup of Russia, after which it is no longer so sad. It will not be easy now. Yes, the opponent is broken, but this should not lull Rostov defenders. “Rostov” is the favorite of the meeting, but this status is very fragile, since meetings with Dynamo are always given to the team is very difficult.

- Do not you think that “Rostov” pays too much attention to the attack this season, often sacrificing defense?

- Yes. There are errors, and unfortunately, sometimes they cost the result team. Perhaps, “Rostov” really attacks too much and, flirting ahead, forgets about defense. But whatever one may say, the fans really like this desire to score as much as possible, so they can forgive their team. I know that Karpin is also aware of this problem, and is very active in order to achieve a balance in the game.

- Do you have the feeling that Rostov is gradually turning into a team of one player. The fate of the matches is most often decided by Eldor Shomurodov. Will this not be a problem for the Donetsk team during the season?

“There's nothing to worry about.” Rostov is an absolutely coaching team. Eldor's success is largely due to Karpin and the result of how competently he builds the game of his team and wisely uses the best qualities of his striker. If it weren’t for the combination football that Valery instilled in Rostov, Eldor would probably not have such indicators now. But I am waiting for other heroes, I hope that already in this round one of Shomurodov’s partners will start to score just as actively.

“Krasnodar is not attacking as creatively as before”

But “Krasnodar” after three defeats in a row in all tournaments will try to return to the winning track in the match with “Arsenal”. In anticipation of the meeting about the problems of the team discussed the ex-mentor of the southerners Sergei Tashuev.

- Experts and fans call Krasnodar the main disappointment of the current season. Do you agree with that?

- There are two components. The place that the team takes in the standings, I am not disappointed. But as for the game, it raises a lot of questions. The team is no longer attacking as creatively as before, huge gaps in the defense line are visible. But this is a relic of the past, because in modern football, one way or another, each player must be able to defend.

- Why is this happening?

- Perhaps something went wrong in the tactical preparation of the team, it is clear that in some places the players lack “physics”. Well, the most banal factor cannot be dismissed: there are a lot of newcomers to Krasnodar who have not mentally adapted in the team and have not yet experienced all the intricacies of RPL. We really have a very difficult league with a lot of struggle and in order to get used to it, it takes more time than it seems at first glance.

- However, the fans of Krasnodar want a result here and now. The leadership of the southerners have already asked fans to support the team at a difficult moment. But will the local audience forgive the players if they allow another misfire in the next match?

- It will be very difficult to play with the tulkas, especially with the “all or nothing” attitude, with which the hosts will enter the field. But no revolution, no matter how Krasnodar plays, is not worth the wait. I know Sergei Galitsky, no matter what the outcome of the match with Arsenal, he will not twitch, because he understands that Musaev is still a young guy who is filling up bumps. The maximum that threatens him is a long conversation with an explanation of the situation. Itself went through this, I know how sensitively the club owner monitors everything that happens, and how worried about the result.

- Marcus Berg after a long scoring silence and a flurry of criticism twice struck the gates of CSKA. Should I wait for the forward to continue?

- He just needs to adapt to the game style of Krasnodar and to the features of our championship as a whole. By the way, I have known Berg for a very long time. Largely thanks to him, Sasha Martynovich appeared in the club. In 2009, I watched Marcus during the finals of the European Youth Championship. Berg then scored three goals, but it struck me how expertly Martynovich acted against him. After that, we took him. As for Berg, even then it was clear from him that the Swede was a quality performer. I have no doubt that soon the fans will sincerely love him.

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