10. Khvich Kvaratskhelia (“Ruby”)

1st round. Lokomotiv - Rubin. 76th minute. 1: 1.

The transition of Khvichi Kvaratskhelia to Rubin became one of the main surprises of the summer transfer window in the RPL. It seemed that the young Georgian football player would remain in Lokomotiv for many years, but he unexpectedly moved to Kazan. Moreover, in the first match for the new club, the midfielder hit the gate of his former team.

Khvicha appeared on the field in the middle of the second half immediately after the beautiful goal from Aleksey Miranchuk from the free kick, who also got into our selection, and ten minutes later he struck the goal of Marinato Guillerme with a spectacular header. It seems that the naturalized Brazilian did not even expect that the ball could fly into the target along such an unpredictable trajectory after a bounce from the ground.

9. Magomed-Shapi Suleymanov (Krasnodar)

3rd round. Krasnodar - Sochi. 80th minute. 3-0.

The young striker of Krasnodar Magomed-Shapi Suleymanov not only likes to score goals, but also knows how to do it beautifully. Last season, he was repeatedly marked by spectacular shots on goal from a long distance after offsets to the center from the flank. So “Sochi” in the third round of the season-2019/20 RPL midfielder upset in a similar way.

The forward dragged the ball forward, played a wall with Sergey Petrov, and from the penalty line, with his back to the goal, twisted the projectile from his left foot exactly into the far nine. An additional beauty gave the goal a rebound from the bar. Perhaps, not a single goalkeeper in the world could save Sochi in this situation.

8. Nikola Vlašić (CSKA)

2nd round. CSKA - Orenburg. 30th minute. 1-0.

The goal of Nikola Vlašić against the Orenburg goal is made from another test. Horvath did not inflict incredible blows in the nines, did not pre-beat several opponents, but did everything perfectly, as befits a high-class master. Having received the ball from Ilzat Akhmetov, about 30 meters from someone else's goal, Vlašić left the defender, placing the corps in the way that only he knows how to, and with the most accurate “billiard” blow sent a shell to the far corner. It seemed that the goalkeeper could save the team, but this feeling was misleading.

7. Grzegorz Krychowiak (Lokomotiv)

5th round. Lokomotiv - Ural. 76th minute. 3-0

In the selection of beautiful goals in the first third of the championship according to RT, there were a lot of spectacular long-range shots. The author of one of them was Grzegorz Krychowiak. In the match with Ural, the Pole, being at a considerable distance from the goal, handled the ball with his chest, and with the second touch sent it exactly to the far nine.

On the one hand, such a goal should not surprise, because the Pole always had a strong delivered blow, but in the past season he showed it infrequently. But in the current account Grzegorz already has five goals in all tournaments. Thus, back in September, Krykhovyak broke a personal performance record.

6. Yuri Zhirkov (Zenit)

8th round. “Spartak” - “Zenith”. 41st minute. 0-1.

The ball, scored laterally into the goal of Spartak, was not only very beautiful, but also incredibly important. Thanks to the fantastic blow of the veteran, Zenit beat a direct competitor and returned to the leading RPL group after a draw with Akhmat and a defeat from Ufa.

But 36-year-old Zhirkov was called to finish his career even last season, but he still remains an incredibly important football player not only for the club, but also for the national team. A goal against the red-white only became a confirmation of the high level of Yuri. Units can inflict such a blow to the far nine from the corner of the box from an uncomfortable leg.

5. Kristiyan Bistrovich (CSKA)

9th round. Tambov - CSKA. 84th minute. 0-1.

Opens the five most beautiful goals of the first third of the season Kristian Bistrovich. The match against Tambov turned out to be incredibly difficult for CSKA. CSKA could not hit the outsider goal and did not even realize a penalty. However, five minutes before the end, a Croat appeared on the field and with the first touch sent the ball into the near nine of another's goal. An additional beauty was given to the goal by the fact that Kristiyan did not allow the ball to fall on the lawn, but put the case so cool that the shell hit exactly nine. After the game, Kristiyan himself admitted that he has not had to score such goals yet.

In fairness, at the start of the season there were enough other spectacular and productive long-range shots, for example, it is worth recalling Matthias Norman's goal against the Akhmat goal or saving karate kick due to the free-kick Bernard Berisha in the game with Tambov. But Bistrovich’s ball turned out to be more complicated in execution. Moreover, the footballer managed to excel in his first touch after coming on as a substitute.

4. Alexey Miranchuk (Lokomotiv)

1st round. Lokomotiv - Rubin. 66th minute. 1-0.

If enough goals were scored with long-range shots, then only a few managed to distinguish themselves from the penalty in the first ten rounds of the season. One of them was Alexei Miranchuk. In a match with Kazan, he struck a stunning blow from the standard in the bypass of the wall exactly at nine, reminding everyone of David Beckham.

Moreover, after the match it turned out that according to the new rules, the goal should have been canceled, since the Lokomotiv players were too close to the wall at the time of the strike. However, the chief judge Mikhail Volkov pointed to the center and thereby opened the way to our hit parade for Miranchuk.

3. Alexander Sobolev (“Wings of the Soviets”)

6th round. “Ural” - “Wings of the Soviets”. 79th minute. 0: 2.

Alexander Sobolev at the start of the season was one of the main discoveries of the RPL. He scored seven goals and almost single-handedly tries to save “Wings of the Soviets” from relegation to the FNL. And two goals performed by the young striker turned out to be just fantastic. In the 2nd round, he struck through the gates of Arsenal with a blow through himself, and then scored a mocking "parachute" behind the goalkeeper in the end of the match with Ural.

The attacker in this situation had the skill to not just strike for strength, but to deliver an incredible accuracy strike without processing directly under the crossbar without a chance for the goalkeeper who went too far out of the gate.

2. Anton Zabolotny (Sochi)

10th round. Dynamo - Sochi. 31st minute. 0-1.

Anton Zabolotny, when he was playing for Zenit, evoked conflicting emotions among the fans, because he practically did not score, although he received a lot of playing time, especially from Roberto Mancini. Fans of the team treated this with humor and specifically voted for the rare and not the most spectacular goals of the CSKA pupil in the nomination for the most beautiful goals of Zenit.

But after moving to Sochi, Zabolotny remembered how to hit other people's gates. In the current season, he first upset the “Ural”, and then noted a fantastic blow in the match with Dynamo. One-touch rally striker, not letting the ball fall on the lawn, sent him from the U-turn exactly to the far nine, partially repeating Zidane's trick in one of the Champions League finals.

1. George Despotovich (Orenburg)

4th round. “Akhmat” - “Orenburg”. 64th minute. 1: 1.

Finally, the most beautiful ball in the first third of the Russian Championship RT was recognized by George Despotovich’s goal. On the one hand, at the start of the 2019/20 season, several people distinguished themselves by blows through themselves. It is worth recalling the same Sobolev and Vladimir Ilyin from the Urals. But it was Despotovich’s ball that turned out to be the most difficult to execute.

After filing from the left flank, the Serb managed to catch the shell at the desired point, showing excellent coordination, and send it right into the corner. The shocked defenders could not prevent George from anything and just watched what was happening.

It is interesting that at the end of last season Despotovich was also awarded the final third of the season in the charts and took fourth place in him for a shot from an uncomfortable foot into the far nine goal of Igor Akinfeev.