“Japan rugby is evolving” Former Japan National Team Mr. Goromaru Ayumi September 28 21:44

Regarding Japan's victory in the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament, Ireland, former Japan national team representative Akira Goro Maru who is the NHK tournament navigator said, “The biggest message that Japanese rugby has evolved "

Goromaru appeared on NHK's show after a match between Japan and Ireland, and was named “Miracle for some reason when they won South Africa four years ago. It was the biggest message that has evolved. "

“I felt the pride as the host country. I came for this day for four years. After listening to the post-match interviews, the players said they were switching to the next, I want to look forward to it. "

Furthermore, for the third round of Samoa, which will be held on the 5th of next month, “If you take care of your body and recover it, you can win the battle against Samoa. I want to ask for your support. "