Direct Report · Athletics World Cup 27/9


11 min15.00

Finally the World Cup begins, should see every second 😁

Ove BorlÀnge

11 min15.00

Hello, now we turn on! Here are today's programs from the Athletics World Cup:

15.15 Studio
15.30 Men's long qualification, Thobias Montler
15.35 Try 100m men
15.40 Nasty slutty ladies
16.10 Qualifying women 800 m, Lovisa Lindh
16.30 Qualified pole vault ladies, Angelica Bengtsson, Michaela Meijer
17.40 Qualifying high jump ladies, Erika Kinsey
17.55 Try 3,000 m obstacle ladies
18.25 Qualified three-step men
18.45 Try 5,000 m men
19.35 Try 400m hurdles men
22.59 Marathon Ladies, Johanna BĂ€cklund, Charlotta Fougberg, Cecilia Norrbom

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