Major League Baseball Mariners Kikuchi 6th, 2nd goal, 11th loss, September 26, 16:20

Major Leaguers, Mariners, Yusei Kikuchi pitched on the 25th in the Astros game at their home base and went to the final mound of the first league in the first year of the Major League. I enjoyed.

The Mariners played the remaining five games, including this match, while Kikuchi was the last starter of the season and played against Astros who had already won the championship for the third consecutive year in the same American League.

Pitcher Kikuchi suddenly hit the first batter at the start, and the next batter was shot, but he was beaten 2 points by hitting the 3rd and 4th consecutive timely two bases.

In the 3rd to 6th rounds, the runners were placed in the scoring zone from 2 outs, but they did not lose the additional points and lost 6 points, throwing 6 times and hit 6 hits, dead I got off the mound with one ball, four strikeouts, and two goals.

On the other hand, ally batting line was restrained to no hits up to nine outs by Grainkey pitcher who marked 17 wins this season with 204 wins in the league.

Mariners lost 0-3 and pitcher Kikuchi lost and lost.

This season, the first year of the Major League Baseball, pitcher Kikuchi started 32 games, defending the starting rotation, with 6 wins and 11 losses and a defense rate of 5.46.