The Abu Dhabi derby between Al-Wahda and Al-Jazira neighbors will be witnessing at Al-Nahyan Stadium in the second round of the Arabian Gulf Football League, a pure confrontation between the Dutch training school between Al-Wahda coach Maurice Stein and Al-Jazira coach Jurgen Streibel. An exciting confrontation between the players of the national team Amouri and Ali Mabkhout (Al Jazeera) against Hamdan Al Kamali and Ismail Matar (Al Wahda).

This is the first face-to-face confrontation of the two coaches this season, with Maurice Stein taking over from Henik Tenkat. .

The fans of the two clubs and a large number of fans of the UAE football are waiting for the expected confrontation today as one of the most important encounters of the Arabian Gulf League ever, and the impact of its great result in the march of the two teams on the competition to grab the league title.

Al Wahda coach Maurice Stein said before the game that he knew everything about his rival Al Jazeera and coach Juergen Streble and the way he works.He seeks to win and get three points and make up for his sudden loss to Fujairah in the first round with a clean goal stripped him of the three points of the match.

Jurgen Streibel also responded that he was looking forward to Maurice Stein in this derby, which he heard a lot about, and is seeking to win and continue his victories and compete strongly at the top of the league from the first rounds, having achieved a 2-0 victory over Al Dhafra, and got the first three points In the last first round.

Unlike the Dutch confrontation at the level of coaches, the capital derby will witness another type of confrontation between four of the most prominent stars of the UAE football in the last ten years, where Al Wahda is led by two big stars Ismail Matar and Hamdan Al Kamali, while Al Jazeera will be led by Ali Mabkhout and Omar Abdulrahman, and four stars of the national team Who prayed and toured with White in recent years and achieved with him many achievements and titles.

Fans of the two clubs await the performance of the four stars and the impact of each on the weight of his team on the other, as well as the other teams of the other stars, including Tigale, Carlitos and Melissi in Al Wahda, Keno, Batna, Khalfan Mubarak and Serero on the island.

Al-Wahda enters the game in the absence of three players, Ahmed Rashid and Hussein Abbas, injured from the end of last season, and Abdullah Anwar, who was injured at the beginning of the season, despite the difficulty of the task to achieve victory and satisfy their fans after the unexpected loss in the first round against Fujairah 1-0. This has contributed to the export of frustration and fear of the inability of the team to compete for the league championship this season, a dream sought by the unit after an absence since 2010.

Al Jazira enters the match with a 2-0 win over Al Dhafra in the first round, as well as a 3-1 win over Al Nasr of Oman in the second leg of the Mohammed VI Cup of Arab Champions Championship and qualifying for the round of 16, and the team hopes to overcome the obstacle of unity and win and reach the sixth point, Under the nominations that strengthen his position in the victory with the presence of a selection of the best players and stars in his ranks, led by the stars of the national team Ali Mabkhout, Omar Abdel Rahman, Khalfan Mubarak, Ali Khasif and Amer Abdul Rahman, as opposed to foreign stars Murad Patna, Kino and Serero.

The biggest win in the two confrontations for the benefit of unity «6 - zero»

Al Wahda was the first to win the title in the President's Cup 2017, while Al Wahda's biggest victory over Al Jazira in the league championship was 5-1 on October 15, 2005 at Al Jazira Stadium. Al-Jazira's biggest win in the history of the two meetings in the league championship was six goals against two on January 29, 2001 at Al-Jazira Stadium.

The most notable draw of the two teams during the league championship was four goals each at Al-Jazira Stadium on March 22, 2014.

The fans of the unit design the largest «Tivo» in the stands

The Association of Unity Fans led by Ibrahim Hamdan Al-Hosani and Fahad Abdulrahman, famously known as “Al-Fawlda”, announced the presence of TiVo, the largest in the history of the Al-Haddawi Amphitheater.

Ibrahim Al-Hosani told Emirates Today that Al-Nahyan Stadium will be fully covered by the Tivo in the second round of the Arabian Gulf League.

He added: "The success of this great work will inevitably be in the presence of Al-Haddawi fans in the stadium early.