Rugby World Cup Japan National Team adjusts to match against Iraq on 28th September 25th 17:29

In the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament, the Japanese national team is the biggest opponent of the first league, and while the second game with Ireland is approaching in 3 days, Kazuki Himeno, a forward player who coordinated in Hamamatsu City and played an active part in the opening game, “I ’m going to get some momentum on the team.”

Rugby representative from Japan is camping in Hamamatsu City for the second match against Ireland, the biggest opponent of the first league to be held at the Ecopa Stadium in Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture on 28th of this month.

In the morning practice on the 25th, set plays such as scrums and lineouts were scheduled to be released, but suddenly, it was changed to open only 15 minutes of weight training, and there was a sense of tension towards an important battle Has increased.

From the afternoon, players responded to the interview in the dormitory and supported the attack, such as carrying the ball the most in the team in the opening round against Russia. “His strength is physical, so the opening round became confident. Carrying the ball forward and gaining momentum from the team is the biggest point of what our rugby can do, so I want to go ahead, ”he said.

In addition, he mentioned that mistakes continued in the beginning of the opening game, “It is necessary to bring their own good mind from the start of the game. The opponent is a strong enemy but has a chance and confidence. I want to get 100%. "

Also, Shota Horie, a hooker, said, “It ’s really important to do your job when you ’re panicking or the flow is bad. Also showed confidence.

High punt processing is important

Tony Brown coach, who is in charge of attacking in Japan, said, “Ireland is very strong in defense as well as holding the ball. It also puts pressure from the kick well. I would like to apply pressure with the “chick chase” that chase the ball that I played, and I want to gain momentum and pressure with a speedy attack. ”

In addition, “High punt processing is a very important part of this tournament, taking into account the fact that powerful teams are actively using“ High Punt ”to kick the ball high at this tournament. “I think it ’s important to make sure that the best teams in the competition win the tournament.