Rugby World Cup player cleans locker room after game

France, Italy, and Namibia who participate in the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament are known to clean their locker rooms after the match, and are being received as a return to Japanese hospitality.

According to the organizing committee of the tournament, French players who used the Tokyo Stadium in Chofu City on 21st of this month cleaned the locker room with brooms after the match.

On the 22nd, both Italy and Namibia teams who played at Hanazono Rugby Field in Higashiosaka City cleaned the locker room after the match and left the venue.

In this tournament, it has become a hot topic around SNS as “hospitality” that Japanese audiences voluntarily practice and sing national anthems of each team.

The post-match cleanup activities that are spreading to each team are accepted as a return.

This state was uploaded to the official Twitter of the tournament on the 24th, and there are responses such as “excellent” and “impressed” mainly by Japanese fans.

Regarding the locker room, in July of last year, the representative from Japan, who lost the World Cup Russia tournament, cleaned the locker room and put a message on the table with the word “spasiba” meaning “thank you” in Russian. It became a topic to leave.