Now it is clear that the union merges two services - national team manager, the service that Jonas Peterson had, and the length manager, which Johan Sares previously had.

- It is a combination, we actually combine the two roles and make it more sports focused than the role that the length manager has been before, says Ola Strömberg to SVT Sport.

Why are you doing this?

- Because we believe it is important to have a person who comes from the sport and who can follow the red thread from children, youth up to elite and adults. We feel it is important to have a closer relationship between the different levels, and also to find areas of development that we can focus on.

- Now we spend a lot on national team and we will continue with that, but we also want to invest in younger ones.

Weak results on the men's side have had an impact

Jonas Peterson's departure should not have been recorded, says Strömberg.

- Not really, we've had these thoughts for a while.

However, what lifts around how the regrowth on the gentlemen's side looks must have been recorded.

- Yes, it has. But it is not just the men's side although it is more public that you see that we do not have the same height as among girls, but it is also among the girls. We are very high on the girls and we want to make sure we stay there, therefore we invest even more money and people at the national level.

"We have a couple of names"

When it comes to the length manager's service, the union now advertises the service through its website. But there are a number of current names, according to Ola Strömberg.

- We have a couple of names that we talk to specifically, but we also want to go out with an advertisement because there will be a lot of applications, there may be some even better.

Ola Strömberg looks positively on the future on the men's side.

- We are lagging behind when compared to the girls, but there are many guys who invest very hard. It often takes a little longer for guys to reach a high international level, you have to have a little more patience. We will also find a Kläbo in Sweden.