Rugby World Cup venue Only food is allowed and no drinks are allowed September 23 15:41

For food and drinks that were banned from the venue at the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament that opened on the 20th of this month, it was decided that only food items could be brought in from the 23rd game.

This was announced by the Organizing Committee of the World Cup Japan on the 23rd.

The tournament started on the 20th of this month, and 48 games will be held at 12 venues nationwide, but all food and beverages were prohibited from entering the venue.

However, in seven games held in Tokyo, Osaka, and other places by 22nd, there were a series of sold-out items at stores selling food at the venue, and a series of purchasers becoming long queues.

For this reason, the Organizing Committee will take measures to allow the import of food from the Wales vs. Georgia game held at Toyota Stadium in Aichi on the 23rd because it is expected that the situation will continue in the future. Did.

In the future, the venue will be able to bring in food that can be consumed by the audience, but drinks will not be allowed in the future and will either be purchased at the venue store or use a free water station.

According to the Organizing Committee, bringing in food and drink is prohibited in past World Cup competitions, and this time it is an unusual response.