The Brazilian star PSG Neymar, which was the second game this season with the club of the capital, released his late in the game in Lyon on Sunday night (1-0).

Even conspired by a party of supporters of Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar remains the decisive weapon of the club. He proved it again on Sunday night by scoring the only goal of the match, in the 87th minute, allowing the Parisians to take a three-point advantage in the top of Ligue 1. After the meeting, his teammates and his coach rented his ability to make a difference in the key moments of a meeting.

"It can be Golden Ball", according to Herrera

"I am very happy for Neymar, when it is decisive, it is for the team and the club, it must be thanked," said for example the Belgian side Thomas Meunier. "We are here to work for people like Ney or Di Maria, we always work a little bit more for them, we let them take a little more risk in front of them, and as long as they make the difference, it is with pleasure 'We did it."

The Spanish midfielder Ander Herrera was also rave about the Brazilian playmaker, linked this summer to innumerable rumors of starting at Barça or Real Madrid: "We controlled the game and in the last five minutes, when we has players like Neymar, Mbappé or Di Maria, it's easier (...) Neymar I'm happy to play with him I do not want to talk about the transfer window Now Neymar is with us. fantastic player and he can be Golden Ball, I hope he can play like this all season. "

For Tuchel, "Neymar will do better"

And finally there is Thomas Tuchel, the coach of PSG, for whom the "Ney" is "always decisive" and well involved in the Paris season: "I can confirm that he is 100% in the group. laughs, he is reliable in training, completely with his teammates, it's his job to score, to do decisive things. "

However, the German coach promises an even brighter tomorrow for the Brazilian: "Neymar can do better!" It's the 2nd or 3rd match in four months for him.It does not have its capacity to 100%. He can do better, he'll do better, he'll get his best level, with the matches and decisive goals like that, it'll help him. "