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The Real Madrid directive has, at the same time, an inconvenience and an advantage with Zinedine Zidane . The advantage is that the specific weight of such a fleshy legend guarantees a slow swallowing by the media / holiday environment that has already closed its jaw. This is not like dispatching to Lopetegui or Solari . Its importance is such that Zidane confirms the theory of Bob English , the character of Unforgiven that said that killing a king is more difficult because, given his majesty, any shooter shakes his hand. As much as he is active and that he is still a young man, Zidane has that dynastic category that matches him in memory with the founders in black and white. That asks for respect.

At some point in this process of decline, and even though ZZ is already harassing the typical procacity of the desktop Spanish that it takes to reach his second pacharan, Real Madrid will discover that he feels guilty in treating Zidane as any mister already amortized that it is taking time to take the fucking door. This will happen to a greater extent if the Real Madrid realizes that it is turning over Zidane - the incompetent with more European Cups in less time in the history of football - the anger caused by structural deficiencies, attributable to a lethargic and demotivated directive -too installed-, that perhaps Zidane, naively, felt capable of repairing with his only thaumaturgical presence as it happened during his first coming.

The Gilista presidential style, and that of Real Madrid, although it has sophisticated alibis and undoubted seasons of glory, is characterized by the use of coaches when they have to flee: they are bait, as in those B series films in those that leave a wounded person behind so that the zombies entertain themselves devouring him and thus gain some time for oneself. That is why it is an advantage that Zidane is slow swallowing. A Lopetegui is eaten by zombies in three bites and then you have them on top again, asking you for responsibilities.

As we said, that is, at the same time, the inconvenience of Zidane. That its importance is such that, once consumed, and once the problems arising from Madrid's general aging and lack of intervention remain without Zidane, the Real Madrid directive will find it very difficult to find such a great coach as if to attract all the pressure on him and release that box where he so deliciously skews announcing revolutions that have no place.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that the gossip has again circulated the name of Mourinho that, in the management of journalistic crises, is becoming the bad coconut that serves to scare those who do not eat the soup. It is no longer about asking whether Mourinho is an obsolete coach or not, surpassed by a new generation of technicians. It is about fantasizing, after Zidane, with the only coach available who has a strong enough personality to place himself as soon as he reaches the center of a morrocotudo conflict that allows the box to remain in the background where no one turns there To ask for explanations. That Mourinho is also related to certain punishing severities also convinces those who want to put these players on the sidewalk who, without time having completely cleared the confetti of the champions in series, are already subject to the anger of the stands by the demands of an environment that is never satisfied. And that right now proves to have more ambition than the directive itself, represented by a president who last week promised his board "intensity" with a tone closer to a workshop of vacuum cleaner vendors than to the Homeric harangue.

However, the situation could be much worse. There is something that is going very well in the Real Madrid season: the Barcelona season.

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