Barcelona made a disastrous start in the Spanish league, and repeated the failed scene of the season 1994-1995 with only seven points from the first five games, collected from two wins and one draw against tasting twice to finish seventh, one point behind rivals Real Madrid, favorites to snatch top "La Liga" if they beat hosts Sevilla at 11 pm today UAE time.
The "Blaugrana" lost again in the Spanish championship after a modest level presented to Granada victorious 2-0 despite the participation of Argentine veteran Lionel Messi in the second half, and in the presence of a key to Antoine Griezmann and Uruguayan Luis Suarez !.

Barca was disjointed yesterday, losing his soul, relinquishing his well-known character, tactically low-skimmed, fun and distorted under Valverde's leadership, sparking outrage for Barca fans, who have always sung their stars in previous seasons but are now in front of a different team and technical situation. Incomprehensible despite the availability of names and tools to continue the path towards titles and most importantly fun performance !.
Catalan newspapers did not show mercy to her team, and the headline of the newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" after the resounding fall: "Disaster .. a team without a soul in Granada," Sport said: "Granada takes the colors of Barcelona," while the Madrid newspapers mastered to hurt the feelings of Barcelona and its dean. Marca: "Valverde players fall with the head of thirsty," and "AS": "a real disaster in Barcelona."

Despite the high temperature of the summer's bargains, most notably the signing of Griezmann's € 120 million penalty clash with Atletico Madrid, Barcelona have yet to reap the expected technical value from the French rooster, who cannot shout when the team needs it. He has not scored a goal for the team away at home "Camp Nou" in four games locally and Europe, as he failed to pay any shot at the goal of the opponent !.

Analysts and fans blame the failure of Griezmann and "Barca" in general to coach Valverde, who directs the French player to play on the wings and not at the center of the attack, while throwing a card in the middle of the field and keep him out of the right back, as well as the failure of the coach to hire De Jong and Rakitic offensive midfield and giving them technical instructions tend to defend rather than the usual rush for the Catalan school in the sweeping advances at the opponent's stadium !.

Between Valverde and Griezmann and the lost technical accounts, Barcelona seem to be lost in the "La Liga" and even in the Champions League, especially as the team survived the defeat at home to Borussia Dortmund thanks to goalkeeper Stegen, who saved a penalty and would have left the team defeated.

The current scene of Barcelona accelerates the decision of the club's management to impose an impending decision to dismiss Valverde and provide the necessary alternatives to save the season before it is too late, especially as a state of distrust between the players and the coach began to appear on the faces of Barca stars and their tactical behavior in the stadium, as it was not the birth of the moment but since the great thunderbolt that Last season, they were bidding farewell to the Champions League at the hands of Liverpool in a clean four.
Here we wonder .. Is Real Madrid exploit the period of loss experienced by Barcelona or does he have enough wound and bleeding will not stop? Are we witnessing an extraordinary season when Barcelona dismissed Valverde and the sacking of Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane and we are witnessing a new journey of competition between the two rivals ?.