Piteå and Linköping are in the middle of the damall Swedish table. Both stand at 26 points and have a good bit up to the series leader Rosengård.

“I thought both Piteå and Linköping would be better off than they are doing right now,” says Frida.

Prior to the season, Frida Linköping had second place and Piteå as fifth. Now the law is in sixth and seventh place.

- You can place higher demands on Linköping with the team they have. They have been uneven and Nilla Fischer's injury has been a breakdown, says Frida.

Piteå has played the most draw matches in damallsvenskan and has scored the least number of goals by the "top team". 21 goals compared to Rosengård who scored twice as many.

- Piteå has had a bar this year. Been level, created positions but have scored far too few goals, Frida Östberg says.

Frida also believes in another explanation that Piteå performed worse this season.

- Piteå won fairly but unexpectedly last year and it can be difficult mentally to step into the next season. You might let go of the focus after such a strong achievement as winning the gold medal, says Frida.

When the team met in Linköping this spring, it became speechless and Frida believes in a new tie, possibly with a small advantage for Piteå.

The match will be broadcast in SVT1 and on SVT play on Sunday at. 14.50 and commented by Chris Härenstam and Markus Johannesson.