Cubs Darvish 9th in the middle, 3 goals and 8th loss 9/23 8:08

Major League Baseball Cubs Darvish pitcher started on the 22nd against Cardinals and threw it halfway through nine times to lose with 3 goals and lost 8th.

Darvish has shown a stable pitching, such as marking a double-strike strike for the second consecutive game, and starting on the 22nd on the fourth day in the Cardinals match in Chicago, home to the seventh victory. Did.

The Darvish pitcher once had a good start, such as deciding on a low ball and taking out two strikers in a row from the top batter.

Two strikes were made consecutively from the 1st out, and the top batter was hit by the same batter in the 3rd run of the first batter.

Darvish pitcher took 12 strikeouts by 8 times and marked the double striker strikeout for 3 consecutive games.

And the 9th time, with a one-point lead, went up to the mound, but after the three base hits were struck by the top batter, they were tied in the following batter's sacrifice fly.

In addition, a timely two-base hit was made in the 1st and 2nd scenes, allowing him to win, and just after that he got off the mound.

The Darvish pitcher was 7 hits and 3 runs, throwing up to 9 times, the longest of the season.

Cubs lost 2-3, and Darvish lost, and this season's performance was 6-8.