Akamatsu fought against professional baseball Hiroshima cancer retired September 22 15:06

A 37-year-old Masato Akamatsu who retired from stomach cancer in professional baseball in Hiroshima held a retirement interview and said, “There are not many people in this world who can be ill and be professional. did.

Akamatsu held a retirement conference at Mazda Stadium in Hiroshima on the 22nd.

He was an outfielder who enjoyed his swiftness and high defensive power and contributed to winning the league for the first time in 25 years in 2016 three years ago.

However, because stomach cancer was detected off that year, he underwent surgery to remove half of the stomach, returned after anticancer drug treatment, etc., and continued to play in the 2 troops.

Akamatsu said about the reason for his retirement, “Your younger players have more opportunities to participate, and when they have more time to play the game, they can no longer perform their own performance.

The most memorable match was the giant ’s match that won the league three years ago. “It was the best. I was most happy. I was defending the left at the moment when I won the championship. I thought it would remain, but it didn't work. "

As for returning from cancer, he said, “There are not many people in this world who can get sick and be professional, and it was a great time after returning.”

Finally, to the fans and those who encouraged them during the fight, “I'm grateful for the support of the 15 years of baseball thanks to the encouragement. I want to be able to return my favors.” I finished it.

The retirement ceremony was scheduled for the Chunichi game at Mazda Stadium on the night of the 22nd, but the game was canceled due to the approach of the typhoon and postponed to the Chunichi game on 27th of this month.