Max Verstappen and his colleagues will come into action on Saturday from 12.00 in the last training session for the Singapore GP. Qualifying at the Marina Bay Street Circuit is scheduled at 3 p.m. In this live blog we will keep you informed of all events.

Good afternoon and welcome to the Formula 1 live blog on My name is Patrick Moeke and I will keep you up to date on the latest developments around the Singapore Grand Prix this entire weekend. Lots of fun!

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GP Singapore · 9 minutes ago

Verstappen clock sixth time in third training session Singapore, Leclerc fastest
Max Verstappen does not get any further than the sixth fastest time in the final training for the Singapore Grand Prix. The Dutchman only drove one qualification simulation and had to stop his fast lap because he was hindered by those who stayed behind. Charles Leclerc was the fastest in his Ferrari, ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

GP Singapore · 10 minutes ago

Still 1 min - Verstappen is not going to have time to record another timed run.

GP Singapore · 11 minutes ago

2 more minutes - Verstappen will shortly enter the pits and drive outside again. He will have to keep on driving for a while to be able to score.

GP Singapore · 14 minutes ago

Another 5 minutes - Verstappen is hindered by traffic and breaks off his fast lap.

GP Singapore · 15 minutes ago

Another 6 minutes - Hamilton can't improve Leclerc's time. He climbs to P2, but has to leave a gap of two tenths.

GP Singapore · 17 minutes ago

8 more minutes - Verstappen sends his RB15 onto the asphalt with a fresh set of soft tires and starts a qualification simulation.

GP Singapore · 20 minutes ago

10 more minutes - The last ten minutes of the third training start. Usually the teams will then complete one or two qualification simulations.

GP Singapore · 20 minutes ago

11 minutes left - Verstappen, only five laps this session, is back in the pitbox. The score:

  • Leclerc 1.38.192
  • Bottas +0.693
  • Verstappen +1.174
  • Hamilton +1,937
  • Vettel +2.078
  • GP Singapore · 22 minutes ago

    12 more minutes - Rare mistake by Lewis Hamilton. The Brit loses control of his Mercedes in his out-lap and goes round. He can continue his way without damage.

    GP Singapore · 23 minutes ago

    Leclerc with a serious lap: six tenths faster than Hamilton went on Friday. It is now time for everyone to put their cards on the table. # F1

    Avatar Author Joost Nederpelt Time of places 12: 46 - September 21, 2019

    GP Singapore · 24 minutes ago

    14 more minutes - What a time from Charles Leclerc! With 1.38.192, the Monegask is nine tenths (!) Faster than everyone else.

    GP Singapore · 25 minutes ago

    14 more minutes - Verstappen is satisfied. "The tires are no longer in their best condition, but the car is very good," he says about the on-board radio.

    GP Singapore · 27 minutes ago

    17 more minutes - Verstappen clocked the third fastest time in his first timed run. The Dutchman was therefore the fastest of everyone in the third sector. The score:

  • Bottas
  • Leclerc +0.198
  • Verstappen +0.200
  • Hamilton + 0.903
  • Vettel +1.104
  • GP Singapore · 28 minutes ago

    17 more minutes - Verstappen purple in sector 2 ..

    GP Singapore · 30 minutes ago

    Another 20 minutes - Max Verstappen is on the road again. He has been given the soft tire.

    GP Singapore · 31 minutes ago

    21 more minutes - The light turns green again. The drivers still have 21 minutes to prepare for qualifying.

    GP Singapore · 33 minutes ago

    22 minutes left - The session will resume at 12.38 PM (Dutch time).

    GP Singapore · 33 minutes ago

    The state of affairs after 35 minutes of training. Verstappen started training late and has not set any time due to the code red.

    TOP TEN (35/60 MINS) Reasons to be cheerful - two cars in the top ten for @ RacingPointF1 F1 # F1 #SingaporeGP

    Avatar AuthorFormula 1Moment of places12: 36 - September 21, 2019

    GP Singapore · 34 minutes ago

    Remains a bit of a link to start a training late. Due to the code red, Verstappen has not been able to record any serious time. And the clock is ticking by .. # F1

    Avatar AuthorPatrick MoekeMoment of places12: 35 - September 21, 2019

    GP Singapore · 37 minutes ago

    Two laps on the soft tires, but not in full. Verstappen has arrived again. # F1

    Avatar Author Joost Nederpelt Moment of places 12: 35 - 21 September 2019

    GP Singapore · 38 minutes ago

    29 more minutes - Code red. The session is stopped so that the marshalls can safely remove the debris from Pérez's car. That is bad news for Verstappen who has not been able to do a fast lap yet.

    GP Singapore · 41 minutes ago

    31 minutes left - Touché Sergio Perez! The Mexican hits the wall with his tire (rear right) and damages his suspension. The virtual safe car is used so that the debris on the track can be removed.

    GP Singapore · 42 minutes ago

    Another 33 (!) Minutes - Max Verstappen drives outside and starts the third session.

    GP Singapore · 43 minutes ago

    Singapore Sundowns Silver The Silver Arrows are out to play! ❤️ #SingaporeGP @ F1NightRace

    Avatar Author Mercedes-AMG F1 Moment of seats 12: 26 - 21 September 2019

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    Another 34 minutes - Max Verstappen climbs into his car and soon starts the third training session.

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    36 more minutes - Only Max Verstappen has not yet appeared on the asphalt. The score:

  • Leclerc 1.39.364
  • Hamilton + 0.795
  • Vettel + 0.906
  • Bottas +1.357
  • Pérez + 1,621
  • GP Singapore · one hour ago

    Not the smokin 'lap Daniil Kvyat was looking for Back "Back off ... box box now, we have an issue" The Russian returns to the pits # F1 #SingaporeGP

    Avatar AuthorFormula 1Moment of places12: 22 - 21 September 2019

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    The drivers will ride in tropical conditions this weekend.

    All of the cold air please. 🥵 #SingaporeGP

    Avatar Author McLaren Time of places 12: 21 - 21 September 2019

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    Both Ferraris do a quick lap on soft, but it is not close to Friday's 1.38.7. 1.39.3 for Leclerc. # F1

    Avatar Author Joost Nederpelt Moment of places 12: 20 - 21 September 2019

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    39 more minutes - Problems for Daniil Kvyat. The Russian drives into the pits with a smoking car. Kvyat, employed by Toro Rosso, uses a Honda engine just like Verstappen.

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    Another 42 minutes - Leclerc dives a second below Hamilton's time and jumps to P1. The Monegask rides on the soft tire while Hamilton recorded his time on the medium band.

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    43 more minutes - Not yet appeared on the course: Sergio Pérez, Lance Stroll, Max Verstappen and George Russell. Verstappen is standing next to his car and is not about to start driving. As mentioned, he often completes a different program in the third training session than most drivers.

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    44 minutes more - Hamilton dives four tenths under the time of teammate Bottas: 1.40,320.

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    They kept us waiting ... but we have a time on the board! And it's Valtteri Bottas delivering the goods - 1: 40.926 F1 # F1 #SingaporeGP

    Avatar AuthorFormula 1Moment of places12: 12 - 21 September 2019

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    Another 48 minutes - Valtteri Bottas is the first to clock a time: 1.40.926.

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    Sebastian Vettel, like Verstappen, is not yet in his car.

    In the garage for FP3 🏁 #SingaporeGP #Vettel # Seb5 # F1

    Avatar Author Sebastian Vettel # 5Moment of places12: 09 - September 21, 2019

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    First observation in the third free practice: Daniel Ricciardo has a nice helmet in this light. # F1

    Avatar Author Joost Nederpelt Moment of places 12: 05 - 21 September 2019

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    Another 56 minutes - Like most drivers, Max Verstappen is still in the pit box. The Dutchman usually starts the third session late.

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    Because of the artificial light, the drivers use a clear visor. That is why it is possible to literally look into the eyes of the drivers while they are working. This was Sebastian Vettel yesterday during the second training.

    Total concentration 💯 # Seb5 #essereFerrari 🔴 #SingaporeGP

    Avatar Author Scuderia Ferrari Moment of places 11: 59 - September 21, 2019

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    60 minutes to go - The third free practice session for the Singapore Grand Prix is ​​on its way.

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    As the sun goes down in Singapore, the final training session is about to begin.

    Too much wheelspin can ruin your lap time ... The Singapore Flyer looking glorious as dusk descending over Marina Bay 😍 # F1 # SingaporeGP

    Avatar AuthorFormula 1Moment of places11: 57 - September 21, 2019

    GP Singapore · one hour ago

    Max Verstappen is ready for the Saturday in Singapore. Will the Dutchman conquer his second pole position from his career later this afternoon?

    Qualifying day 💪 Time to shine 🦁 #UnleashTheLion #KeepPushing #SingaporeGP 🇸🇬

    Avatar AuthorMax VerstappenMoment of places10: 45 - September 21, 2019

    GP Singapore · 2 hours ago

    Max Verstappen is reunited by Sky Sports with last year's teammate Daniel Ricciardo. The Dutchman admits that he sometimes misses the Australian. "In qualifying, we brought out the best in each other."

    "Do you miss me?" We reunited Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen at the SkyPad for an 'insightful' look at their practice laps. !

    Avatar AuthorSky Sports F1Moment of places11: 33 - September 21, 2019

    Formula 1 · 2 hours ago

    Will we soon see former drivers Robert Doornbos and Giedo van der Garde on the street as agents?

    @kombijdepolitie I think @robertdoornbos would like to. When can we sign up for an emergency course?

    Avatar Authorgvandergarde Moment of places 11: 02 - 21 September 2019

    GP Singapore · 2 hours ago

    Kvyat keeps hope of returning to Red Bull
    Daniil Kvyat still sees himself as a candidate to become Max Verstappen's teammate at Red Bull in 2020. The Russian is satisfied with his performance in the current season with Toro Rosso. "It depends in part on how I am performing, so it is best for me to fully focus on that now," he answers to NUsport's question as to whether he still sees himself as a real contender for a seat at Red Bull. . "Of course I want to make the move. It's a faster team, so you don't have to think about it that long."

    GP Singapore · 2 hours ago

    Is Singapore the place where it should happen for Max Verstappen? The Singapore Grand Prix is ​​on the F1 calendar on Sunday afternoon. presenter Bas Scharwachter and F1 connoisseur Joost Nederpelt look ahead to the race.

    Preview F1: "Get away from a strong Mercedes in Singapore"

    GP Singapore · 3 hours ago

    The lights turn green at noon for the third free practice session. How did it go yesterday?

    First training:
  • Verstappen (Red Bull) - 1.40.259
  • Vettel (Ferrari) - 1.40,426
  • Hamilton (Mercedes) - 1,440,925

  • Second training:
  • Hamilton (Mercedes) - 1.38.773
  • Verstappen (Red Bull) - 1.38.957
  • Vettel (Ferrari) - 1.39.591
  • GP Singapore · 4 hours ago

    Giovinazzi on course to keep the coveted seat at Alfa Romeo
    The seat next to Kimi Räikkönen at Alfa Romeo is coveted for 2020, with Renault driver Nico Hülkenberg, among others, being the candidate. Yet it seems strong that Antonio Giovinazzi can still drive 'safely' this season for next year. "We want to help him improve further. There will be a time to talk about the future, but for now we are focused on Antonio and I think he is doing a good job step by step," says team boss Fred Vasseur.

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