“Enjoyed the game” overnight from the victory of the World Cup opening match, Japan Reach Captain, September 21, 12:39


Reach Michael, the captain of the Japanese national team who won the opening round of the Japan Rugby World Cup held on the night of the 20th, held a conference overnight and recalled, “I enjoyed the game, although I was nervous.”

The first Asian Rugby World Cup Japan tournament kicked off on the 20th, and Japan won Russia 30-10 in the opening round.

The game was preempted by the opponent, but in Japan, Kotaro Matsushima decided 3 trials, and gained 5 points with bonus points given to teams that decided 4 or more trials. A good start.

On the 21st of the night after the opening round, Reach, a Japanese captain, held a conference in Tokyo, saying, “I was nervous, but I enjoyed the game well. My future opponents kicked more and more to erase Japan's strength. In order to respond to this, the point is how to use the caught ball. ”

On top of that, for the game against Ireland, Ireland, the world's top ranking player on the 28th of this month, “I will hit the big wall of the world ’s best team. "I will do it well."

In addition, Yu Tamura, the commander of the command tower, who attended the conference, said, “I am relieved to get the result I wanted for the opening race. "I want to go beyond."

Next opponent Ireland “Japan played a very high quality game”

In response to Japan's victory over Russia in the opening round, Irish players ranked first in the world rankings in the second round of the first league talked about the impression of the Japanese team.

Irish players held a conference before the first match of the first league on the 22nd.

Among them, about the Japan that played the opening game, Irish flanker Peter Omahoney said, “Japan played a very high quality game under the pressure of the host country. It was a very impressive game. "

Wing ’s Jacob Stockdale also said that Japanese wing ’s Kotaro Matsushima made three trials, “It was a very good performance. It ’s a pity that he could n’t do the fourth. It ’s a very dangerous player for us. ”

In addition, Simon Easter Bee Coach named Captain Reach Michael as a notable Japanese player, “He is a very experienced and stable player. Plays great on important occasions. I was talking.