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Giant's victory that has been missed for four years Recovered by Hara ’s team reform | NHK News


It was the bold and flexible arrangement of director Masanori Hara, who became the third inauguration, to rebuild the ball world leader and giant who missed the championship for four years ...

Giant who won the victory for 4 years Recovered with Hara ’s team reform September 22 5:55

It was the bold and flexible arrangement of director Masanori Hara, who was inaugurated for the third time, who rebuilt the ball lord and giant who missed the championship for four years.

Two keywords

In the past 12 years, the director Hara has made a brilliant result, having won the league seven times and Japan three times.

The number that I chose when I was appointed was “83”, which I used in my first directorial days.

The two keywords that Hara said at the inaugural conference, who said that he would return to the starting point as a leader and take command, were “Nobinobi, Hatsutsutsu” and “Skilled Supreme Principle”.

Each player will not hesitate and demonstrate his own characteristics, and continue to compete at a high level.

I thought it was indispensable for the team to be reborn as a winning organization.

Raise awareness from camp

That thought came from the spring camp.

The sudden red and white battle on the third day. The main theme of the beginning of the camp is body building and confirmation of basic linkage play.

It is unusual to enter a battle at this time.

Players who have won the competition can participate in the game.

The younger generation planted the consciousness that they could be used by the director even if they did not have a track record as long as they demonstrated their power.

"Everyone is strength"

This idea was particularly effective in appointing a pitcher.

Ace's Tomoyuki Kanno left the team several times due to back pain, the kitchen situation of the starting pitcher team fell into a difficult situation, and Cook pitcher who was a candidate to suppress the relief team lacked a sense of stability immediately after the opening.

Under such circumstances, when pitching Toshiki Sakurai, who had not won since becoming a professional, as a starting pitcher, he scored 8 wins so far with pitching that brought out his feelings.

Similarly, the pitcher Cooker Nakagawa, who saved 1 save in the fourth year, was filled with a hole in Cook.

Furthermore, in addition to pitcher Nakagawa, by actively using a good pitcher at that time without being bound by past achievements, he continued to defend the lead position from June 18 without losing a big streak until the end of the season. .

Director Hara has always said "everyone on the bench is strength" every time the press hears the keyman of the game from the beginning of the season.

Hiring the right person for the right place was also seen in the game on September 21 when he won the championship. On this day, out of 25 people on the bench, a total battle using 22 people. And Daisuke Masuda hit the final timely.

It was the 4th year of the mid-term participation that made the first participation in the 1st Army after a training contract. I practiced a fight that wasn't just about the central player.

The last is a commitment to victory

And the ambition to win was also reflected in the signing of proven players.

In a direct confrontation with DeNA on the 20th of September 20th with a magic number of “4”, even though it was a three-point lead, seven times, in the scene of the second runner, send a bunt to the most reliable player Hayato Sakamoto I ordered.

The giant who expanded his chance decided to add two points and decided the game, and made a big progress toward winning.

Judging from the fact that it was a game, the main force ran into the spirit of seeking the self-sacrifice as a demon.

Teaching of a general

Director Hara has overcome the many pressures and achieved the league title of the highest order.

In the interview immediately after deciding to win, I screamed for the players with tears.

On the other hand, I always expressed my passion as a gamer who was not satisfied with the current situation, aiming for height.

“Even today, the players are competing in the team. The Giants must be stronger.”

The next goal is Japan's best after 7 years.

In order to win the post-season from October, Hara demands further growth from the players.

Source: nhk

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