Max Verstappen finished fourth in the qualification for the Singapore Grand Prix on Saturday. The Red Bull driver, who had expected to compete for pole position, was not satisfied with that.

"I came here to win, so a place on the second starting row is not good," said the visibly disappointed Dutchman at Ziggo Sport . "It's a shame, I expected a lot more from this."

Where a fight between Red Bull and Mercedes was expected for the fastest qualifying time, Monegask surprised Charles Leclerc by grabbing his Ferrari pole on the street circuit. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) were also faster than Verstappen.

"Everyone thinks that it is just as easy here, but I said beforehand that it would be difficult", said Verstappen. "You always have to find the right balance. The balance was there, but I didn't have enough grip."

"Difficult to win the race"

The current number three in the World Cup position fears that his chances of winning the race on Sunday are not too great now that he has to start from the second row.

"Then a lot has to be done anyway, if you start fourth. But we'll see."

The race on the Marina Bay Street Circuit starts on Sunday at 2.10 p.m. Verstappen finished second behind Hamilton last year.