- Alexander Trusov has long been showing quadruple jumps. She already pleased the audience with their confident performance in open rentals, but now they brought her two world records in the first adult tournament. Did you doubt that this would be her debut?

- Of course. There is no surprise. There were all prerequisites for the fact that Sasha would begin his adult career this way. It would be possible to talk about sensation only if we did not know that Trusova can cleanly jump quarters, and everything is very natural. We saw how she was ready for the season during the test rental, so at the competition she just went out and did what she can and can do. I applaud Sasha!

- The big event would be just one jump, but Trusova performed the quadruples three times in the debut free program. With what achievement from the world of sports can this be compared?

- Well, this is a record. For the first time in the history of female figure skating, such a set of jumps was performed. But I would not compare her achievements with others. I do not see the logic and meaning in this. A billion years ago, Panin-Kolomenkin jumped one jump, and that was a sensation. Now athletes spin four and everyone is looking at it with understanding. Each era has its own heroes.

- So, we have witnessed the emergence of a new stage in world figure skating?

- Time will tell. But I can not help focusing on the other. On what talented children work for Eteri Tutberidze. Whatever Trusova, there is also Alena Kastronaya, Alina Zagitova and many others. All these girls, as well as Sasha, will please us with their skating. And do not be surprised at their successes, they went to this systematically.

- Let's get back to Trusova's debut and record. How appropriate is it to start the season with such a breakthrough? Indeed, there are many significant starts ahead, and now she is undergoing tremendous physical exertion, making jumps.

- Was this the point or not, we will find out by the end of the season. But all athletes are different. For example, Tatyana Anatolyevna Tarasova told me how Ilya Kulika cooked. He needed to give a minimal load and point to lead to specific competitions. I'm different. I liked to compete. He always asked Tarasov to give me the maximum number of rentals and put up for all competitions.

- Do you think Trusova in sports mentality is close to your type of character?

- I know for sure that the Tutberidze group has the same requirements for all students. They always fulfill their maximum. Regardless of shape and fatigue. The positive results of this hard work we see in tournaments. This distinguishes her pupils from others. For those who are purposefully preparing to start such a rental as Sasha’s, this is an out of the ordinary ... For her, she’s essentially an ordinary event, simply because she performs all this set of jumps in training.

- Is such a philosophy close to you?

- Undoubtedly. And let someone find me too cruel and demanding. Yes, it is a factory, but it grows skaters who become the pride of the country. I really want the boys from the Eteri group to catch up with the girls.

“Sasha can grow further”

- What else can Trusova add, or can she stop, try to maintain the current level and integrity of the programs?

- She has a tremendously high leap, and her age and body complex allows her to learn at least one more quadruple. At the moment, she owns one of the most difficult elements in her performance. This is lutz. A jump from the reverse, in which there is no way to save power on the push, so that the athlete twists to maximum strength. Sasha is already coping with this, so she can grow further. However, like Kostornaya and Shcherbakova.

- Regardless of the quadruple jumps, how can you evaluate the riding of Trusova and her program? For components, she gets a little more than eight points. Is it deserved, or is she still judged as yesterday's junior?

- Yes, while they are judged with caution. But it always has been. Judges must get used to it, take a closer look, and be imbued with her creativity. But be that as it may, it is difficult to put on one level the emotional state of adult girls and very young girls. Juniors, perhaps, are inferior in adult skating to the same Alina Zagitova, Zhenya Medvedeva and Lisa Tuktamysheva. But one season will pass, and this difference will be leveled.

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- Anna Shcherbakova, Trusova, Elizabeth Tursynbaeva have four jumps in their arsenal. Is it time to allow their execution in a short program?

- Everything goes to the fact that even more girls will start jumping them, so it is possible that such a question will be raised at a high level. I think over time, the four will add to the registry a short program.

- Have you heard that Trusova plans to complicate the short program with a triple axel? How promising is this to you?

- I really do not like the word "perspective". So I can go to the Olympics, but perhaps my ceiling will be a collection of flowers that fans will throw to their favorite skaters. This is reality. And you can assume anything. It’s not in my rules to judge an athlete’s uniform based on rentals and preseason starts. The main factor is the result in major competitions. Let's be patient, it’s not long to wait.

- And yet, what awaits Trusov this season? Can she, like Alina Zagitova with Evgenia Medvedeva, win everything in her debut season?

- She has the makings for this. But her main competitors have the same chances. In figure skating an important role is played by trifles. Any blot can be worth the title. In addition, the ice is too slippery - slip once, and the season can already be considered unsuccessful.