Rugby World Cup opening Japan national team aspirations on Twitter September 20 15:55

Rugby representatives from Japan are posting their enthusiasm on Twitter for the World Cup opening on the 20th.

Among them, Prota's Keita Inagaki posted his enthusiasm for the opening game with Russia on the 19th, saying, “I have paid a lot for four years.

In addition, Ryori Nakamura of the center posted a photo taken with Raffaele Timothy and Vimpy van der Wald in front of the ice piece with the World Cup winning trophy as a motif. Tweeting.

In addition, Kazuki Himeno, who started the game against Russia at Number Eight, said, “I'm excited about what the stage of the World Cup is now! It ’s a dream as a rugby player. The big player expresses his enthusiasm as "Ready, I'm fighting with confidence! Thank you for your support!"