Rugby World Cup England national team adjusts at Sapporo Dome 20:11 on September 20

At the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament, the England national team, who competed in the first match of the first league on the 22nd, practiced for the first time at the Sapporo Dome at the match venue and confirmed the feel of the lawn.

England, who is ranked 3rd in the world rankings, is led by Eddie Jones Head Coach, who was one of the world cup winners and 2 runners-up, who made Japan a breakthrough in the previous tournament.

On the 22nd, before we faced the 15th place Tonga in the first round of the first league held at Sapporo Dome, we practiced at Sapporo Dome at the match venue on the 20th.

In the first 15 minutes of practice that was disclosed to the press, the team's command tower, stand-off Owen Farrell, etc. lay down and stretched to check the feel of the lawn.

Jones Head coach also kicked the ball on the lawn and measured the size of the ground in-goal area in steps.

During the practice on the 20th, many overseas media gathered to film the movements of players and managers.

Jones HC "I want to say that I'll be in Tonga"

Jones Head Coach, who heads England, met at a hotel in Sapporo and said, “I have never seen such a good team, I have a good team. Showed confidence.

“I've practiced for the first time at Sapporo Dome, but it ’s a very nice atmosphere and a wonderful venue. Hokkaido has the image that food is delicious and people are very good. It was.

Captain Owen Farrell said, “Sapporo Dome had a great turf quality and a carpet-like finish. I felt it was an indoor environment where there was no wind and it was very easy to play. I want to win with the best play. ”

In addition, the England representative announced the first member of the first game before this conference, Captain and stand-off Owen Farrell, the youngest team 21-year-old Franker Tom Curry, fast wing Johnny Mae, ▽ Large rock with a height of 2 meters and 1 centimeter, Courtney Rose, etc. joined the members.