A few hours before the opening match of the Blues Rugby World Cup, the former star of the France team Serge Blanco has entrusted his optimism to Europe 1.


"I will not answer in the affirmative," admits Serge Blanco, when asked if the Blues are favorites of the Rugby World Cup. The Team de France does not arrive in Japan, indeed, with the full of confidence, while his first game of the world takes place on Saturday morning, against Argentina, eleventh world nation. After a difficult season, including a six-nation tournament again missed (two wins, three losses), the Blues do not show their best days. But for Serge Blanco, former star of the Blues and former president of the National Rugby League, we should not fall into pessimism at all times.

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"I think that the French, when they are in their pride and at the foot of the wall, are likely to do exceptional things.They are likely to win this first match," says Serge Blanco at the microphone of Europe 1. "C is the most important event of this World Cup.If we beat them, a possibility of qualification is offered to us ... If we win against Argentina, anything can happen. , the French can be disconnected from their objectives, "continues the former back to 93 selections.

"I think we have a chance, a card to play, compared to what we represent, the quality we have.We have prepared for three months. 'a desire, take the games one after the other and win them,' says Serge Blanco.

"There is youth, carefree, and maybe that's where we can find a click"

Is not he worried by the latest performances of the Blues? "This team has a lot of doubts, but there is youth, carefree, and maybe that's where we can find a certain trigger, as proof that Romain Ntamack was put in half of opening, which allows to have a new face and perhaps a different dynamics so that we can beat the Argentineans ", answers the old Blue.

Serge Blanco recognizes it all the same, the team of France suffers from the competition with the other teams at the level of the second line. "We will have to rely on a welded group, on a new generation that is starting to come in. We must not make a fixette on our second line.The team will compensate in other areas.I believe that we are likely , with the preparation we had, to win this opening match, "he insists.

Above all, this World Cup will be an opportunity to prepare for the future. And in particular the next world, which will take place in 2023 in France. "There are a number of posts, especially at the level of the pillars, the third line, the young people behind, which let us hope, and I firmly believe that even if we will not be world champion, we have to prepare these young people to the future, "concludes Serge Blanco.