They met in one of Stockholm's ice rinks. Both then played for AIK and now, seven years later, they are playing again in the same association. Lule pair Robin Kovács and Minatsu Murase both play at the highest level in Swedish ice hockey - something that makes them unique in the hockey world.

"It's a little cool that we both have reached such a high level, can be together and have a family," Minatsu told SVT Sport.

Although they became parents of their son Caspian in October last year and now have a family of three, they both wholeheartedly embark on their ice hockey career. The ice rink has therefore become a second home and the days in Luleå consist of rock hard training combined with diaper changes and Babblarna.

Great understanding for each other

To make everyday life as an elite hockey player go together, planning is required.

"When you come home and are tired after a match, you still have Caspian to take care of," says Minatsu.

Robin agrees.

- Yes, you can't just come home and take it easy, like, there are things to do.

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Meet the hockey family Minatsu Murase and Robin Kovacs. Photo: SVT