Grand Sumo Fall Place Murano, the former shogunate, wins all seven wins on September 20 at 12:42

At the beginning of the Sumo Autumn Place, Murata, who was the former shogunate in the Takasago room, won all seven games.

At the beginning of the autumn place, Murata and Ohmura in the Mutsu room lined up 6 wins after the 12th day. On the 20th and 13th days, two people faced each other and Murata won by pushing, winning only 7 wins ahead of each other. Did.

Murata is 25 years old from Shima City, Mie Prefecture.

I went to Toyo University from Kanazawa City Technical High School in Ishikawa Prefecture, and stepped into the first season with the 100th grade of the third stage in the spring of Ototoshi.

The number was raised smoothly until the end of the Baku, with the push of the taste, but last year, at the head of the West Bakuto, it hurt the right knee lap belt at the Nagoya location, and the number went down to the beginning.

The present place, which was greeted with the 27th opening in the east, entered through the place for the first time in 8 places, and decided the first opening victory in all 7 rounds.

Murata said, “I wanted to win, but it was good to concentrate on the best sumo. Since my classmates Tofu and Seki were in the shogunate, I first turned my numbering back and I wanted to catch up with my rivals. "