Sumo fall place The Bakushita championship is the former Sekitori Chiyo country September 20 16:12

At the end of the Sumo Fall Place, the first leading Chiyo country won first place in all seven races, winning the best against Ozeki experienced person Terunofuji.

At the end of autumn, both the former Chiyono-Kuni, the former head of Chiyo, aiming to revive from injuries, and former Sekifuji Sekinofuji, who had experience in fighting in all six races, had a fierce battle with Chiyo. We won by extruding and decided to win in all seven races.

Chiyo country is 29 years old from Mie Prefecture.

I entered the Kuju room and stepped on the first earth in the summer of 2006, and achieved the new entrance at the first place in 2012.

It has a strong sumo that moves around on the earth with a focus on pushing, and in the summer of 2017, it was ranked up to the highest head of the East Front.

However, I hurt my left knee ligament during the first place and then operated on, and I was closed for four consecutive places to Nagoya.

The place where we faced at the 46th sheet of the west curtain after the restart, the knees gradually turned upward, showing a strong sumo and winning all seven wins and taking a step towards the resurrection.

Chiyo-no-kuni looked back to Terunofuji, saying, “I was calm and I could see my opponent well. I didn't become a sumo when I teamed up, so I just thought about taking my own sumo.”

And “I decided to do my best again when I was injured. I was honestly anxious, but I am happy that this was the result. First, I ’m going to get involved again. Step by step.”