Volleyball Women's World Cup Japan lost to China 2 wins 3 losses September 19 22:50

In the Volleyball Women's World Cup, Japan lost to the second-ranked China in the straight with a set count of 0: 3.

The Volleyball Women's World Cup, which will be the prelude to the Tokyo Olympics next year, was played in the fifth round of Japan in Yokohama City on the 19th.

Japan aggressively attacked from the first set, Yuki Ishii's sharp spikes and Erika Araki's movement attack, leading to China without any wins so far.

However, after the middle stage, I couldn't catch the flow because it was blocked by a tall Chinese block and dropped it 17:25.

After that, Japan, which suffered from intense serve in China, lost the second set by 10 to 25 and the third set by 17 to 25, and lost straight with a set count of 0 to 3.

The tournament is decided by round robins with 12 teams, and Japan is ranked 7th with 2 wins and 3 losses.

Japan will face the 3rd place in the world ranking in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic bronze medal in Round 6 of the 22nd.