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NHK News 3rd place Hiroshima League 4th consecutive victory disappears | NHK News


Hiroshima, the 3rd place in the Se League in professional baseball, defeated Sayonara 11 times in the game against the 2nd place DeNA on the night of 19th, and the league ’s 4th straight victory, the first in the history of the team…

The 3rd place in the third league of Hiroshima won the possibility of the fourth consecutive victory of the league September 19th 23:34

Hiroshima, the third-placed baseball player in professional baseball, lost 11 times in the game against the second-place DeNA on the night of the 19th, and the possibility of the first consecutive league victory in the team's history has been completely eliminated.

Hiroshima has fought 139 games so far, and has been ranked third with 69 wins and 67 losses and three draws, and 5.5 games in the remaining four games.

On the night of 19th, at the Yokohama Stadium, he played 2nd place DeNA, which was followed by a 1.5 game difference.

As a result, Hiroshima has 3 games remaining, Giant has 7 games remaining, and even if Hiroshima wins all the remaining games and the giant loses completely, Carp will not be able to surpass the winning rate. The possibility disappeared completely.

In the future, Hiroshima will aim to rise to second place with the aim of hosting the climax series.

Director Ogata Takashi said, “I am disappointed, but I would like to switch from the next Hanshin game.” Regarding the fact that he missed the league championship, I want to play baseball. "

Background that missed the fourth consecutive victory

Professional baseball Hiroshima missed the first 4 consecutive victories in the history of the team, as Yoshihiro Maru's FA outflow and the main player who had supported the league's 3rd consecutive championship fell into a state of continuous fatigue.

In Hiroshima this season, one of the so-called “Tanakikumaru”, a symbol of the team ’s strength, was transferred to a giant by an outfielder, FA = Free Agent, and how to make up for the absence was an issue. It was seen.

However, when the season began, before filling in the hole of Maru, we suffered from the poor performance of the main players who supported the team that won three consecutive titles.

In the attack, Hiroaki Tanaka, who was one of the “Tanaki Kumaru” players and continued the full inning for the first short, was serious.

The leaders waited for Tanaka to improve their condition, and continued to use them as starting members, but the batting average was 10%, so they could not get out of the slump, and the full-inning appearance was interrupted on June 20 during the exchange game.

Moreover, in addition to the slump in the mainstay, it was also miscalculated that the veteran Hisayoshi Nagano who joined the giant as a compensation for Maru was not able to improve.

As the batting is continued, Ryoma Nishikawa, who was converted to the outfield from the second half of the season, became established at the No. 1 Center. Rookie Kaito Kozono's new power has emerged, such as being appointed as a short substitute for Tanaka. At one point, it was close to one game difference with the top giant, and the team situation seemed to improve as it is.

However, mid-August of that Yasaki. The team was shocked. It was discovered that Batista, who had hit 26 home runs, had a positive reaction in the doping test. After the registration of players for 1 army was canceled, it was suspended for 6 months.

By losing one of the batting axes, batting again suffered from a lack of scoring power.

On the other hand, in the pitchers, “working fatigue” became prominent in the relief team. In particular, Shota Nakazaki, who became a pitcher for the third consecutive year until last season, was forced to readjust in the 2nd army due to unstable pitching and could not return to the end of the important season. did.

As a result, the number of French pitchers, which was calculated as the set upper, which mainly throws eight times, was reduced to reduce the relief team, and the case of losing points at the end of the match became more noticeable.

In the starter, in addition to the left and right pillars of Ryo Ose and Johnson pitcher, pitcher Hiroki Toda who overcame the elbow surgery joined the rotation with a stable pitch, but is expected to continue Neither Aduwa Makoto pitcher nor Okada Akitake pitcher could establish in 1 army.

Hiroshima in this season has won 20 wins in May and has updated its team record of monthly wins for the first time in 25 years. , Missed the league's first 4 consecutive league titles.

Source: nhk

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