PSG coach Thomas Tuchel praised the prestigious victory of his players against Real Madrid (3-0) on Wednesday night for the first match of the Champions League.


He had warned him before the match: "We are short on players, everyone knows it, but we have to find solutions, I have confidence in my players, and I am convinced that we will have a strong team in the field. tomorrow (Wednesday). " Private Neymar, Edinson Cavani and Kylian Mbappé, Thomas Tuchel yet saw his players find ways to outperform Real Madrid (3-0) on Wednesday in the Champions League.

PSG "has gained personality"

"The team did with a good performance, very complete," he said in a press conference, after the controlled performance of his players. "It was very high level, we are happy." (Win against Real without Mbappé, Cavani and Neymar) it shows that the pressure on the others was not so important! It was said a lot 'it is missing three players, etc ... 'Saying we were not the favorites without Neymar, without Kylian (Mbappé), without' Edi '(Cavani), that may have helped us. "

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"We can not play without all three matches, that's for sure, but on a few matches it's possible if everyone plays at their best," he said, while the three players will normally be available for the third meeting of this group stage in Bruges on 22 October. "We have a great team now, we've gained personality, it was the first live group match, we need all the players!"

Gueye, "a machine"

But Thomas Tuchel focused on two particularly sharp players on Wednesday. Idrissa Gueye, first, imperial midfield. "We fought to recruit him, he's a machine, he never stops running, he's done a lot of recoveries, and against a team like Real it's really important," said the German coach. .

The other player on Wednesday was Angel Di Maria, who scored twice. "We can not be surprised because he shows for a year that he is able to perform like this," relativised Thomas Tuchel. "He has exceptional statistics, and for many games, he's decisive with a goal or a decisive pass, he's always dangerous, but also delivered a very humble defensive performance."