At 9:15 pm at Al Maktoum Stadium, Al Nasr hosts Al Wasl in a strong start for both teams with the start of the Arabian Gulf League.

The two teams appeared at a medium technical level in the Arabian Gulf Cup, where the Dean won four points from three games, while Al Wasl scored three points from two games, both teams tasted the loss in the Cup championship, with many absences in both teams, while the situation will be different today with International players return and injuries, waiting for a match befitting the history of both teams.

The two teams announced before the tournament began their readiness to kick off the league and compete for the title of the tournament, and compensate the years of absence from the crowning of the title, especially the victory, which has been away from the title for more than 30 years, and looking for a surprise as did the team Sharjah last season, both teams have included four foreign players, In addition to the three players in good standing, they will have an important role with the team this season.

The cards in the two teams are clear, especially since the coaches met last season with the same training cadre on two occasions. Al-Nasr's team won the first match after taking over the Brazilian coach Caillou only two days, and also won the match of the Arabian Gulf Cup, and the current confrontation will be different. Especially at the start of the league, a tournament in itself for both teams and the public waiting for this historic derby that brings them together.

The Brazilian coach Caio, depending on his Spanish striker Negredo, to lead the team and scoring goals, and is also waiting for the first appearance of the Chilean midfielder Pavez, who has not yet appeared to the public, because of injury, but he has been in training only two weeks ago, the coach confirmed his participation or not In the last training held yesterday, although the indicators indicate not to push it from the beginning.

On the other hand, Al Wasl awaits the services of Brazilian top scorer Lima and Brazilian player Wilton Suarez, the striking force of the team on the offensive side, and seeks to exploit the coach of the Romanian team Regicamp, and also seeks to compensate for the losses suffered last season against Brazilian Caio, the coach of victory, and eliminated him from the championship Arabian Gulf Cup quarter - finals.


Victory: Mohammed al-Akbari and Mohammed Ibrahim and Khalifa Mubarak.

Connection: None.

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